Diabolo Freestyle Exhibition Rules

-The top 7 to 10 contestants with the highest score in the Diabolo Ladder will be able to compete in the Diabolo Freestyle Exhibition.
- Each contestant shall have 2-minutes to perform a freestyle routine to his/her choice of music.
- Any style and/or number of diabolo(s) may be used (bearing or fixed axle).
- Any style of diabolo play may be performed in the freestyle (loop/single string diabolo, 1 diabolo, 2 diabolo, 3 diabolo, etc.).
- All music must be considered G rated (appropriate for all audiences). Contestants with inappropriate music (obscenities, ethnic or sexual slurs, etc.) may be disqualified. If you are unsure about your music, a judge will be available to listen to your music and make sure it is appropriate.

Scoring will be based on a criteria system with judges being asked to focus on specific elements of a contestant's freestyle.  After a freestyle is over, the judge will record that contestant's score on their criteria score card.  All three criteria scores will be worth the same amount in the overall freestyle score.  When all judges have their final scores, all scores will be normalized to represent a portion of 100 points.

#1  Proficiency - competency, tricks or elements completed/missed, and overall command of the diabolo. Judges will score positive points and negative points.  Positive points are given for completed tricks or elements.  Negative points are given for missed tricks or elements and loss of diabolo control.  Negative points will not be given to contestants who change diabolo styles with control, such as changing from 1 diabolo play to 2 diabolo play with out loosing control of a diabolo.

#2  Difficulty - originality, creativity, diversity, and newness of tricks and routine.  Judges will score positive points only.  Points will be given for each completed trick or element.  With more points being given for more difficult and creative tricks or elements.  Fewer points will be given for a trick or element that is repeated despite its difficulty or originality.

#3  Presentation - smoothness, style, flow and stage presence.  Judges will be watching each freestyle for smoothness, style, flow and stage presence.  A score will be given to each contestant based on the judge's opinion of their overall presentation.

Judges will be split up evenly to judge either the Proficiency or the Difficulty of a freestyle.  All judges will record a Presentation score for each freestyle.  For example:  If there are 4 judges, 2 will judge Proficiency, 2 will judge Difficulty, and all 4 will judge Presentation.

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