Diabolo Ladder Trick Descriptions

General Rules:
Any diabolo may be used for the ladder tricks, you may change diabolos or sticks after any attempt. All tricks must end with the diabolo spinning on the string, the string untangled, the string unwrapped around the axle, and the diabolo in control. Players get one attempt at each trick. Players score is determined as follows: When a player has missed a second trick, the player is retired and the score is the last trick completed/first trick missed. This division will be divided into age groups as follows: 11 & under, 12 - 16, 17 & over

Many of these trick descriptions have been written for the right hand as the dominant hand.  All tricks may be done by using the left hand as the dominant hand.

Tie Breakers:
Player who went furthest (last trick completed) on ladder, or if still a tie, player who went furthest on ladder before first miss. If still a tie or more than one player completes the ladder with no misses, then the tie breaker will be the amount of inside, overhand whip catches that can be completed without added spin to the diabolo.

1. Sun - (Download Video Here)
With the sticks together, swing the diabolo around in a full vertical circle.  Do both directions for a complete trick.

2. Trapeze - (Download Video Here)
Swing the diabolo to either the right or the left over the stick and land it on the string in-between the sticks. 

3. Orbits (3 times) - (Download Video Here)
Move the diabolo on the string from one side to the other. Toss the diabolo as it nears one stick.  Catch the diabolo near the other stick, allowing it to move on the string to begin the next Orbit.

4. Cat's Cradle - (Download Video Here)
You can get into and out of the Cat's Cradle anyway you want.  In a cat's cradle the strings creates an X.  After the cradle has been made, with the diabolo below the cradle, toss the diabolo up and catch it on top of the cradle. End with any dismount.

5. Whip Catch - (Download Video Here)
Hop diabolo off the string, place both sticks in one hand, then whip the string to catch the diabolo. Any whip catch is ok.  No bounce catches.

6. Chinese Suicide - (Download Video Here)
Do a trapeze to the right. Point the left stick at the diabolo along the line of spin and let go. The handstick should  make a complete circle around the diabolo and right stick and back to your left hand .  Catch the stick only.

7. Grind Pass - (Download Video Here)
Hop the diabolo onto one stick and grind, then pass the diabolo to the other stick for a grind, and then back to the string.

8. Around the Leg (6 times) - (Download Video Here)
Toss the diabolo around one leg 6 times.

9. Coffee Grinder (3 grinds) - (Download Video Here)
Do a backside mount. Move the left stick above the diabolo horizontally. Move the right stick so its string moves behind the left stick and lays just ahead of the handle. Pull right stick toward you making a triangle. Keeping the right stick parallel to ground and axle, 'poke' it into triangle below.  Move the right stick out against the right side of triangle and then into a clockwise movement under the diabolo and around back.  This is the grind of coffee grinder.  Do 3 grinds and end with any dismount.

10. Behind the Back Catch - (Download Video Here)
Toss the diabolo and catch it on the string behind your back.  The string and diabolo must be completely behind your body.

11. Infinite Suicide (3 reps) - (Download Video Here)
Wrap the string around the axle of the diabolo with your right stick. As you go underneath the diabolo, let go of the left stick.  As the left stick gets about 180 degrees around tug the right stick upwards and rewrap the diabolo. Do 3 repetitions and catch the left stick only.  

12. Mini Genocide - (Download Video Here)
Do a backside mount to the right, allow the diabolo to swing to the left to gain momentum, as the diabolo swings back to the right side of your body, just as swings beyond your right side, release the right stick. As you release the stick, grab the middle of the string, which will force the stick to swing in a full circle, releasing and then recapturing the diabolo. Allow the stick to make a full revolution around the diabolo and then catch the stick only. Any dismount.

13. Monorail - (Download Video Here)
Hold the diabolo in an 'around the arm' position by rotating you right stick out and placing the string behind your right arm. Lift the diabolo with your left stick and throw it around in front of your arm by making a clockwise circle with your left stick. This will create a wrap around your arm. Toss the diabolo over your arm and allow it to swing around the wrap and hit the string coming from your stick again, this creates an infinite loop. Do this for 3 revolutions, then miss the string and allow the diabolo to slide back out onto the open string.

14. Whip Catch to Duicide - (Download Video Here)
Do a whip catch.  Use the momentum of the whip catch to let both sticks go in a full circle around the diabolo. Catch both sticks only and do any dismount. 

15. Genocide - (Download Video Here)
Do a backside mount. Swing the diabolo to the right. As the diabolo swings past your right side, throw the right handstick to the right.  The right handstick will make a circle and the diabolo should leave the string in an upward toss.  Catch the diabolo  as it falls on the right side of the swinging string.  The diabolo will force the stick to quickly make a circle around the diabolo creating a wrap around its axle. Catch the right handstick only as it swings around.  Any dismount.

16. Kyocide - (Download Video Here)
Do a right hand axle wrap to the inside. Lift the diabolo up and over the right hand stick so that it rests on the outside. Swing the diabolo clockwise and up onto the inside of the right string. Raise your right hand up above your left and drop the formation into the string that comes from your left stick. This will put you in a backside mount. Use the momentum from this to let the diabolo swing to the right and release your right stick as if you were doing a mini-genocide. After you grab the middle of the string, allow the diabolo to travel up and onto the segment of string between your left stick, and your right hand which is gripping the string. Let the diabolo bounce up off of this segment as the right stick continues to do it's full revolution and let it recapture the diabolo.

17. Infinite Grind Release - (Download Video Here)
Begin with an Infinite Suicide. As the free stick rotates above the diabolo, allow the diabolo to drop down onto the stick in your hand and grind for a moment. As the free stick passes under the diabolo, throw the stick in your hand over the diabolo and allow it to rotate all the way around around the diabolo and re-catch the stick. You will now be back in an infinite suicide. When you stop the infinite suicide, you must catch the stick only.

18. Alan's Trick - (Download Video Here)
Hold both sticks in your left hand, position your left hand towards the right of your body. Pinch the right string segment and pull to the left and under the diabolo, mounting the diabolo in a 'trapeze' between your right hand, and the sticks in your left. Release both sticks and allow them to rotate under the diabolo while lifting your right hand. Allow both sticks to swing around the diabolo while holding the string. The sticks will split apart and release the diabolo for a moment until the top stick finishes its rotation and recaptures the diabolo. Catch both sticks.

19. Excalibur with Over/Under Sun - (Download Video Here)
Use any method to bring the diabolo into a sideways Excalibur (aka vertex) position. While maintaining the diabolo in this position with right-handed whips throw the diabolo out clockwise around your right hand and use both sticks to swing the diabolo in a complete circle over your hands, then point your sticks down and allow the diabolo to do a complete circle under your hands/arms. As the diabolo completes the circle wrap the diabolo with your right hand to get back into a whip position to sustain the excalibur style.

20. 2d Shuffle - 20 Rotations
(1 rotation  is one complete revolution of both diabolos) - (Download Video Here)
The following description uses an example of how to start the 2d rotation, it is only an example, you may use any method to start the pattern that you choose. With one diabolo spinning, hold both sticks in the left hand. Hold the second diabolo about 3/4 of the way up the right string, position it between the strings. Pull the diabolo into the right string and rotate it up and over the right stick, creating a wrap around the axle. Give the diabolo a slight spin, and take the right stick back into your right hand. Pull up on the right stick and do whips to generate speed before un-mounting the wrap and beginning a 2-diabolo shuffle pattern. The diabolos will follow each other in a clockwise circle. Complete 20 revolutions of this pattern without losing control. Both diabolos doing a complete circle will count as one revolution.

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