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World Yo-Yo Contest

The 2003 World Yo-Yo Contest

August 1,2,3 2003

Orlando Florida at the Rosen Plaza Hotel

Well, the 2003 Worlds Yo-Yo Contest is over, and now we have results.

Results for the Sports Divisions
Compulsory scores for A, AA, 3A, OS, CW
Freestyle scoresfor A, AA 3A, OS, CW, AP

World Top Contest Scores

World Yo-Yo Mod Contest Results

The 2003 World Yo-Yo contest will take place on August 1,2,3 2003.

The 2003 World Yo-Yo Contest will have a Sport, A, AA division. There will also be Off String, AAA and Counterweight (Freehand) divisions. competition, as well as being the host to the World Top Contest. We will have two rooms of specialty workshops and panel discussions on all related topics.

The event site has 22 foot ceilings, and over 10,000 feet of yo-yoing space. This space will be open 24 hours a day starting Thursday night, and ending at 6pm Sunday. You can Download a pdf flyer about this event as well (1.1mb).

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Download the program for worlds and get ahead! (434K PDF file)
Check out what's going on a Lucky's House besides his BBQ!
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08/17/03 Results for the contest posted on this page.
07/28/03 Credits updates under ... well ... credits.
07/26/03 Freestyle rules posted under OS, CW, 3A
07/26/03 Rules for the Video Contest posted under rules.
07/23/03 Freestyle rules posted under A and AA rules.
07/20/03 Added a link on this page to activities at Lucky's house.
07/20/03 Look on this page for a link to the PDF of the event program!
07/20/03 Schedule posted under Schedule
07/10/03 CW, OS, 3A Rules updates.
07/06/03 Go to Guest to read about Stu Crump , winner of the 2003 Lifetime Achievement Award.
07/01/03 AP Finalists posted under Rules/AP Rules
06/21/03 Small update in the AP divions rules. We will accept videos over the internet
06/14/03 Updated and clarified a few tricks under AA Rules.
06/08/03 FAQ posted and updated under FAQ
06/04/03 Looping Sports Rules have been posted under rules.
06/03/03 Pre-Registration has started under Registration. Register early to save on admission.
06/03/03 String Trick Sports Rules have been posted under rules.
05/31/03 A small change in the rules for Shock Wave under A Rules.
05/29/03 World Top Contest rules posted under rules.
05/29/03 Videos posted under AA, a small change made to the text of White Buddha under A rules.
05/28/03 Final 2 tricks posted for AA. Videos to come very soon.
05/25/03 Text for white buddah posted under A Rules
05/25/03 Missing videos added to CW (Freehand) Division.
05/25/03 Updates posted for A and AA under rules.
05/18/03 AA and AP rules posted under Rules!
05/16/03 World Mod Contest rules posted under rules.
05/13/03 Videos posted for 3A and most of OS and CW.
04/22/03 A,OS,CW,3A Trick lists posted. Videos posted for A. All posted under Rules.
03/02/03 Hotel Room Reservations start under Travel
03/02/03 2003 Site opened

Over the next few weeks more information about this event will be posted

We hope you will be able to join us for this event.

More to come soon. Contact if you have any questions for now.

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