2001 World 

The 2002 World Yo-Yo Contest will be held on August 2,3,4 2002 in Orlando Florida at the Rosen Plaza Hotel (The same hotel as last year). Updates will come shortly.

It's Over... now lets see who won

Videos to come soon.
The 2001 World Yo-Yo contest will take place on August 4,5 2001.

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The 2001 World Yo-Yo Contest will have a Sport, A, AA, and X division competition, as well as being the host to the World Top Contest. We will have two rooms of specialty workshops and panel discussions on all related topics.

The event site has 22 foot ceilings, and over 10,000 feet of yo-yoing space. This space will be open 24 hours a day starting Friday night, and ending at 5pm Sunday.

We are pleased that the Yo-Yo News Network will once again be making the rules available in Japanese. Please check it out.

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Look here to see what changed:


08/07/01 Results Posted under Home
07/28/01 Freestyle Rules Posted under Rules/A and Rules/AA
07/27/01 Updated event Schedule
07/16/01 Added a tip to the A faq under rules/a/faq
07/16/01 Added FAQ file to help with AA tricks under Rules/AA
07/11/01 Compulsory rules for A and AAposted under rules/A and rules/AA
07/11/01 Added Disney World and Universal Escape discount information under Travel
07/11/01 Added a FAQ file to help with a tricks under Rules/A division
07/11/01 Some small corrections can be found in the Top Rules. (Physics won out)
07/10/01 X-Division Finalists announced under rules/x-division
07/10/01 Top tricks expanded under rules/tops
07/05/01 Grand Marshal announced under Guest
07/05/01 Mod Contest rules posted under rules
07/03/01 World Top Contest rules posted under RULES
06/29/01 S division rules posted under Rules
06/27/01 FAQ Upadated.
06/27/01 Credits put on-line
06/25/01 A and AA trick videos posted under Rules.
06/01/01 SeaWorld Discounts posted under Travel.
05/31/01 Pre-Registraion is now open under Registration.
05/30/01 FAQ updated again ...
05/28/01 FAQ updated
05/24/01 Charity Auction info posted under Rules
05/21/01 A and AA tiebreakers are posted under Rules
05/21/01 On-Line Hotel Reservations are now on-line under travel
05/21/01 X Rules posted under rules.
04/30/01 A and AA Trick List posted under rules.
04/13/01 Hotel Information Posted under Travel
04/01/01 FAQ Posted
03/31/01 Tentative schedule posted under Schedule
03/26/01 2001 Site opened later than planned due to technical probelms.
Over the next few weeks more information about this event will be posted

We hope you will be able to join us for this event.

More to come soon. Contact greg@pd.net if you have any questions for now.

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