2001 World Yo-Yo Contest

Frequently Asked Questions.

Updated 6/26/01 Updates are in Red

What is the world yo-yo contest?
The World Yo-Yo Contest is one of the largest and oldest yo-yo competitions in the world. It has been running off an on since the 1930's and attracts players from around the world.

Where and when will it be this year?
It will be on August 4 - 5 2001 in Orlando, Florida. The hotel location will be announced in the next few days.

Where and when will it be this year?
It will be on August 4 - 5 2001 in Orlando, Florida. The hotel location will be announced in the next few days.

Will I have any trouble finding the Rosen Plaza Hotel?
No, the Shuttle from the airport will take you right there. Just make sure you are going to the Rosen Plaza Hotel, not the Rosen Center Hotel (they look the same from the outside). The Rosen Plaza Hotel is directly across from FAO Schwarz, a toy store with a giant teddy bear in front of it.

When can I make my hotel reservation?
Right now! The hotel WILL run out of rooms before the event. Since the whole event is in this hotel, it'll be much nicer to stay at the Rosen Plaza Hotel.

How can I make my hotel reservations?
You can make your hotel reservations by phone or on-line. Just click on Travel to get details.

When do I have to make my reservations by? We are guaranteed to have rooms till July 6th, after July 6th, there should still be rooms, but the rooms are no longer guaranteed to be available.

Why do I want to stay in the Rosen Plaza Hotel? The entire event occurs in the Rosen Plaza Hotel and it's attached convention center. The event room will open at 5pm on August 3rd, and will not close till 4pm on August 5th. You can stay and yo-yo all night. There is also a 24 hour restaurant right next to the hall.

Are there discounts for area attractions available for attendees?
Yes! We have discounts from Sea World, Disney, Universal Escape, Ripleys museum, and several others. Depending on the attraction the discounts will be handled differently. As they become available more information will be posted under travel.

How do I register?
Click on Travel and read. You can register by phone or on-line.

Where is there more information I can find about this event?
Go to www.worldyoyocontest.com for the latest information.

How do I get to see the videos for the tricks?
Distribution of the videoson CD Rom is handled by various national yo-yo organizations (AYYA, GYYA, UTYJ) They will be selling CD ROM's of the videos to help pay for their judges to come over to our event. The official videos are also posted on this web site under rules

How many people will freestyle in A and AA?
There will be a change this year. The Compulsories will allow ANYONE to compete for one of at least 8 open spots (the number will be announced shortly it may be 10). In addition to these spots, there will be spots given to winners of various National Yo-Yo Contests in A or AA. Recognized contests and organizations are GYYA, KYYA, BYYA, AYYA, UTYJ and the Active People (AP), the Swiss national yo-yo organization. In short, win a recognized national yo-yo contest and you get to freestyle in the World Yo-Yo Contest.

Does this mean that these "winners" don't have to do Compulsories?
Part of the A and AA total score will be the compulsory score. Since it counts, all contestants will have to go through compulsories.

The GYYA and AP do not have separate A and AA freestyles how will you handle this?
We will recognize the top double handed competitor from that competition, and the top single handed competitor even though they were in the same division. Simple. The top double handed competitor will compete in AA, the top single handed will compete in A.

What if their winners can't come?
A space is still reserved for a national of their country, but it's no longer guaranteed that they will get to freestyle. We will take the person with the highest A compulsory score, that is from that country, and let them compete in A freestyle, and we will take take the person with the highest AA compulsory score, that is from that country, and let them compete in AA freestyle. We will require these competitors to document that they have lived in the country for at least the past year. Their national yo-yo organization can vouch for them. Contestants will also be required to get a 40 our of a possible 50 points to freestyle. If no contestant from that country gets at least 40 points, then the slot will not be used for this year. It will not be replaced with another open slot.

Does this mean if I am the only person from a country no matter what I do in the compulsories?
Nope. Read the last question again. If you won a recognized national yo-yo contest, you will freestyle no matter what your compulsory score is. If you did not win a national yo-yo contest, and are trying to use the slot reservered for the best from your country, you must still score 40 out of the 50 points.

Ok, I think I'm getting this, how did you decide which countries/national yo-yo organizations to recognize. ?
We have recognized the AYYA, UTYJ, BYYA, KYYA, AP and GYYA because they all have a national yo-yo organization that has hosted a national yo-yo contest in the previous year and it must have a freestyle division in it. The contest and organization must allow the use of all brands of yo-yos.

Does this mean you may recognize more organizations this year?
If an argument can be made, we intend to be fairly lenient this year with our recognition. For example. The BYYA had a national contest 2 years ago and will have one this year. We will recognize them, but they have to go through compulsories to figure out who can have their slot. The final decision in any case is up to the organizing committee of the World Yo-Yo Contest. Write greg@pd.net if you think your country may qualify.

What about next year?
We intend to expand or contract the list of recognized organizations and contests every year as appropriate.

Why are you doing this?
It is the mandate of the World Yo-Yo Contest to support and culture the development of a world yo-yoing community. To help do this we are trying to integrate on a voluntary basis the various national yo-yo organizations into this contest. We are also trying to encourage the formation of national yo-yo organizations and national yo-yo contests all over the world.

Why is this event more expensive this year?
Unfortunately, not only have costs gone up this year, but we are receiving less in corporate sponsorship. This has forced us to raise the price of admission. To help make this event as cost effective as possible, we are offering an early-bird special. if you pre-register before June 15th.

If I don't pre-register, can I still attend?
Yes you can. You will be charged the full price of $45.00 at the door, but this will not include a T-Shirt. There are benefits to registering early.

Are there day passes for the public being offered? I have a friend who wants to see the freestyles, but he's not a yo-yo player?
Yes. we will be selling at the door $5.00 passes per day for the general public to come and watch what is going on. The general public, as they are not attendees of the event, will not be allowed to yo-yo on the floor. Our insurance only covers attendees. For the freestyle competitions on Sunday, Attendees will be allowed into the hall to get seats before we allow the public in (heck, this event is for you, not them). Attendees will be given priority seating. To repeate. People with day passes WILL NOT be allowed to yo-yo at the event. They will also not be allowed in workshops, or to the evening open stage. They will be allowed in to see the freestyles, but people with Contestant passes or Non-Contestant passes will get it first to give the attendees of this event better seating.

I am asked to pick a division when I pre-register? What if I change my mind? Am I stuck?
You can change the division you are registered in on the day of the event. This information is being gathered so we can calculate how many judges we will need for each division. Please select the division you are most likely to compete in.

Is there any support for Non-English speakers?
Yes, The Yo-Yo News Network is translating the important bits of this site into Japanese. We are trying to get a German mirror of this site up. If you can help please contact us at greg@pd.net

Who can compete?
Anyone from any country can compete. There are individual divisions that have age restrictions.

What divisions will there be?
There will be: S (Sport), A, AA, X, and Teams. There may be more divisions added later, please check the web site for more information.

What divisions will hold world titles?
First place winners of the A, AA, and X divisions will be able to call themselves world champions. S division winners will not. Members of a first place team will be able to call themselves a member of the 2000 World champion Team, but as an individual are not World Champions.

What are the tricks?
A and AA tricks are posted at www.worldyoyocontest. X rules are up too. Teams and S division tricks and rules should be posted by June 15th.

Can I enter in a Team and another Division?
Yes. You can enter Teams and either A, AA, X, or S. You may enter only one solo category, You may be on only one team.

Is there a fee to enter?
Yes there will be a fee to enter. This will be posted under registration as shortly.

What about USAir? Why should I use them?
If you, or your travel agent call the special number given in the travel section, USAir will give you a discount off their lowest price. We're trying to make this event as much fun as possible, while keeping prices as low as possible.

How do I get the best discount with USAir?
USAir gives the maximum discount if you book your tickets more than 60 days before the event. The discounts are still very large until the last 14 days before the event, but you can get the biggest discount by booking early.

I hear there is a top thing going on, what it is?
The Second World Top Competition will be held this year at this event. Rules will be posted on www.worldyoyocontest.com as soon as they are available.

I want to volunteer to help for this event, can I?
Great! If we can use you, you will get in free!. Look at the credits page at www.worldyoyocontest.com to see what help we need. You'll get some nifty stuff and a free pass for the event.

What else will be happening at this event?
Workshops, World Record Breaking Attempts, Yo-Yo Swapping and even more. Now go at look at www.worldyoyocontest.com

Hey the dates look funny, what's up with that?
Welcome to the USA where we try and confuse non-natives with our dating system. Instead of the logical DAY/MONTH/YEAR we use MONTH/DAY/YEAR. This makes sense when viewed alongside our need to use the Imperial measurement systems, and our coinage, that does not have the numeral of it's value printed on it.

Hey not everything on this site works, why?
Because not everything is finished. Please come back and check regularly.

Will this FAQ be updated?

There seem to be spelling errors here?
Yes, There probably are.

You seem to be having fun with this FAQ, is it really that tough to write one of these?

Will this FAQ end soon?