We would like to give thanks to the following volunteers

  • Gregory Cohen - Director of the 2001 World Yo-Yo Contest.
  • Bob Malowney - Director of Event Judging.
  • Joe Mitchal - Director of Media.
  • Jane ???? - Contestent Director.
  • Lucky Meisenheimer - Director of Collectors Showcase.
  • David Stucky (Tarkin) - Workshop Director.
  • Dale Myrberg - Judge/National Master.
  • Dennis McBride - Judge/National Master.
  • Bill DeBoisblanc - Judge/National Master.
  • Dale Oliver - Judge/National Master.
  • Jennifer Baybrrok - Judge
  • Steve Brown - Judge
  • Dick Storh - Judge
  • Doc Popular - Head Judge of Yo-Yo Painting Contest.
  • Brian Cabildo (Glasseye) - Video Director.
  • There are and will be many more. If we left you out, please just e-mail us and we will correct this.

Would you like to help run the 2001 World Yo-Yo Contest? We need your help. We are looking for voulenteers of all skills.

  • Experienced Compulsary Judges
  • Support staff for judges, contestents, sound, registration, and security.
  • Media Relations Director
  • Director of Registration.
All Judges and Directors must be over 18 years of age. Support staff can be of any age.
Remember, we all make an event.

Please contact Gregory Cohen for more information about volunteering.