2003 World Yo-Yo Contest Mod Contest Results

I'm sorry for the delay in posting this, thank you all for your patience. I wanted to make sure that I had uploaded and captioned the pictures before I posted so that everyone could see the incredible yo-yos that were entered this year. Here is the URL for the photo albumn: http://public.fotki.com/YoEric/worlds_yo-yo_mod/ or just click the link at the bottom of this post.

Thanks to all who entered. We had 15 entries this year, a couple less than in 2002, but the overall quality of the entries was much higher. In addition, the top 7 or 8 yo-yos were much closer together in scores than in previous years; so much so that we actually went through two rounds of judging. We put in 4+ hours to evaluate and score the yo-yos, and I want to thank my fellow judges, Bill De Boisblanc and Dave Schulte for their time and effort (and Bill in particular for the post judging beer).

While Dr. Mo won for the third year in a row (a "three-peat") it was darn close; only 19 points separated first from fourth (in a 300 point scale!), and we actually had a tie for second between Alan Gray and John Rollins. Sprout's 4th place yo-yo actually had the highest score in the Artistic/Visual appeal category. The top 4 finishers' creations were all so good that they achieved the judges coveted "I want to put this yo-yo in my pocket and take it home with me right now" rating.

And now the results:

1st: Mo Chavez - "SuperDog"
2nd:(tie): John Rollins ("K C Jewel") - Marble Dyed YYJ Patriot/Viper
: Alan Gray ("SpinningGray") - "DuraSpin"
4th: Roberto Jose Dos Santos ("Sprout") - "SagaMundo"
5th: Frank Difeo - "Heavy Metal CoralSnake"
6th: Tim Kimball ("topwanker") - "Superhero Mod"
7th: Rodolfo Paes - "AluminYo"
8th: Tom Cunningham ("oldyoyoguy") - "Technicolor ViperGade"
9th: Doctor Popular - "XoDoc"
10th: Mitchell Kamisato ("Takeshi") - HWW/FH1 with Skull counterweight
11th: Larry Kilby - "The Green Machine"
12th: Masaki Iida - Viper/Cobra Mod
13th: Rob Tsou ("Dr. Nick") - "Humongoose"
14th: Takahiko Hasegawa ("Taka")- Cobra/Diabolo "Is it still a yo-yo"
15th: Landon Balk - Wingforce/CoralSnake

A few final notes and constructive criticism: Several entries that were beautifully made and/or very innovative didn't play well enough. Specifically, they were way too unresponsive. These yo-yos would have scored much higher if they would have returned without the need for serious (and I mean serious) binds. We judges play 'em the way we get 'em, we are not going to tune or lube your yo-yos for you. Several other entries played great but were poorly finished. To win the Worlds Mod contest a yo-yo must be excellent in all categories.

Greg Cohen has already indicated that we should plan on a 2004 Worlds Mod Contest, and for that event we will probably modify (simplify) the scoring/judging criteria. Finally, kudos again for all who participated, and, keep modding!!!