We would like to give thanks to the following volunteers

  • Gregory Cohen - Director of the 2003 World Yo-Yo Contest.
  • Bob Malowney - Master of Ceremonies.
  • Joe Mitchell - Director of Media.
  • Lucky Meisenheimer - Director of Collectors Showcase and host of the BBQ.
  • Rob Tsou - Workshop Director.
National Grand Masters
  • Bill de Boisblanc, Chief Judge
  • Dale Oliver
  • Dale Myrberg
National Masters
  • Rick Wyatt
  • Steve Brown
  • Dave Schulte
Compulsory, Sport & Freestyle Judges
  • Jim Johnson
  • Val Oliver
  • Dave Bazan
  • Hironori Mii
  • Taka Hasegawa
  • Brett Outchcunis
  • Dick Stohr
  • Rafael Matsunaga
  • Matt Harlow
  • Nathan Crissy


  • Jennife Boshears
  • Terrence Jackson
  • John Lindberg
  • Bill Elvin and Colleen Elvin
  • Shirley A Dunlop
  • Joshua van Dalen
  • Tara Ellerbee
  • Connie The Story Lady
  • Anita Acost
  • Gail and Mike Maloney
  • Black
  • Steve Brown
  • Jack Ringca
  • Dave Geigle
  • Jun
  • Shima
  • Terry
  • Makoto Numagami
I know there are people I am forgetting. If you have been missed, please drop us a line and we'll update this list.

Would you like to help run the 2003 World Yo-Yo Contest? We need your help. We are looking for volunteers of all skills. All Judges and Directors must be over 18 years of age. Support staff can be of any age.
Remember, we all make an event.

Please contact Gregory Cohen for more information about volunteering. [an error occurred while processing this directive]