International Travel Information

1. You may need a visa. If so the World Yo-Yo Contest can write you a letter of invitation. For most countries a physical letter must be mailed, they will not accept a print out from a pdf. We will provide both but you must contact us far in advance. We will need the full name as it appears on the contestants passport and their mailing address to write such a letter. Please email

2. If there are problems getting a visa, we can help. If you have been turned down previously there is a chance we can get you one since we are a registered international sporting event. This is not a guaranteed thing but we are more than willing to help you to the best of our ability. Again please email

3.  There are not any currency exchanges close to the hotel.
However there are some located in Orlando within driving distance: Click Here

Airport exchange rates are not recommended.  Exchanging money before leaving to the US is a good idea.  Traveler Checks are also widely accepted in Orlando.  Visa and Master Card credit cards are also an excellent choice and can be used in most stores and restaurants.
Some Maestero cards can be used as Mastercards in the USA if you set it up in advance before you leave your home country. Contact your card issuer for more information.

4. Customs in the US are nothing to worry about. They won't give trouble about the yo-yos.

Immigration is usually a breeze as well, as long as you have all proper paperwork and visa. We recommend printing some Worlds webpages and take it with your carry-on bag just in case immigration finds it too weird to attend a yo-yo contest.

Depending on the time of the day there can be long lines at immigration. The line can take anywhere from 2 minutes to 2 hours, so be prepared and try to have some time between flights.

Security can also take a long time on flights boarded in the US. Yo-yos are fine on carry-on bags, but make sure you're following the TSA rules for everything else.

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