Teams Rules

  1. Each team must consist of a minimum of 3 players.
  2. Any yo-yos may be used.
  3. Any individual competitor may also compete on 1 team. Cross competing will result in dissqualification of all involved teams.
  4. Each routine should be 3 minutes long and set to music.


  • Emphasis should be on performing as a choreographed unit. Individual components of the routine will be far less important than how all the components work as a whole to create a smooth, precision type of routine.

Points will be awarded for

  • 30 % creativity - choice and use of tricks, skills and props.
  • 30% level of difficulty - how challenging the individual components are to perform as a team.
  • 30% skill - how cleanly and smoothly are those choices executed.
  • 10% overall performance appeal (these are like free points if the other 3 areas are well addressed)

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