S-(Sport Division)

The 2000 World Yo-Yo Contest will have a Sport division competition. This is an all ages category consisting of a 30 trick ladder. Designed as a knockout contest, each player will receive one attempt per trick. Players will be allowed one missed trick, that trick will be skipped, but a second missed trick will retire the player with a score of last completed trick.

First place winners will be recognized in the following age groups:

0-6yrs, 7-8yrs, 9-10yrs, 11-12yrs, 13-14yrs, 15-16yrs, 17-25yrs, 26-45, 46-65, 66-106
We will aso be giving awards based on the higest division within the ladder that contestents can achieeve.

*Please Note: This contest does not earn a world title.
One attempt per trick only, one misses forgiven, second miss retires.

Beginner Division

1Forward Pass Palm up catch
2Walk the Dog Minimum one foot forward
3Rock the Baby Three full rocks
4Around the World One time
5Around the Corner Must tug string with fingers
6Loops 3 inside loops
7UFO Must pick up with other hand
8HOP the Fence 3 repetitions
9Tidal Wave Fingers must touch at beginning
10Man on Trapeze No flip overs

Advanced Division

11Pinwheel Over thumb, 3 rotations, upcatch
12Restart Full stop, full rewind
13Elevator Must hop off at top
14Three leaf clover last loop inside square
15 Brain Twister 2 somersaults, loop ending
16 Double or Nothing Any dismount ok.
17 Sidewinder Both sides
18 Time Warp forward world/ to retro world
19 Dizzy Baby 3 rocks followed by 3 pinwheels
20 Split the Atom split/pass under/3 somersaults / loop

Expert Division

21 Reach for the Moon 5 repetitions
22 Verticle loops 5 repetitions
23 Warp Drive 3 regenerated worlds, start with loop
24 Mach 5 5 spins minimum
25 One Hand Fountain 3 reps each, hop/punch/vertical loops
26 Triple Trapeze trapeze followed by regen trapeze
27 Triple or Nothing rewind dismount w/stop at double
28 Advanced Split the Atom 3 pinwheel/split mount/3 barrelrolls/undercut/3 somersaults/loop end
29 Hydrogen BombReverse Split Mount/ Pass under L&R fingers/2 somersaults/ Ferris wheel dismount
30 Roller Coaster (McBride) Side world/coaster mount/retro double or nothing/ forward double or nothing/flip triple or nothing/ rewind out

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