Top Freestyles

Top Freestyle Rules

The Championship freestyle will be 3 minutes in duration performed to music. Qualification for the Championship freestyle will generally be determined by the performance of a 1 minute freestyle. Each player will supply music for their performance. Music is not mandatory for the 1 minute qualification freestyle. All music must be considered G rated (appropriate for all audiences). Performers with inappropriate music (obscenities, ethnic or sexual slurs, etc.) may be disqualified. If you are unsure about your music, a judge will be available to listen to your music and make sure it is appropriate. Since winding the string on the top does not score points the player is encouraged to have pre-wound tops ready to throw. Only tops pre-positioned on stage before the start are to be used and tops that leave the stage during the freestyle may not be returned. All tops used must be wound by the player, no assistance will be permitted. Any spinning top will be permitted, including fixed-tip, bearing-tip and one-way bearing tip, as well as over-sized tops.Points are given for each completed trick or combination (repeated tricks receive reduced credit) with bonus points for difficulty and originality. Points for each different regeneration trick are given for the first five reps. Tricks done after five regeneration’s get difficulty bonus points. Points may be awarded for style, theme, and performance. There are no deducts because loss of control of the top creates its own penalty.The trick completion counts for 90% of the total with the style, theme, and performance counting for 10%. The total score will be used to determine the First, Second, and Third place World Spin Top Champions.