Thursday August 8th

10:00 AM 2A Prelims
11:00 AM 3A Prelims
12:00 PM 4A Prelims
1:00 PM 1A Prelims Group A
2:00 PM 1A Prelims Group B
3:00 PM 1A Prelims Group C
4:30 PM Lucky’s Barbecue Dinner/Open House
11:30 PM Wheel of Penalty

Friday August 9th

11:00 AM 5A Prelims
12:00 PM 1A Semi-Finals
2:00 PM Yo-Yo Ladders
6:30 PM Finals (3A, 4A, 2A)
11:30 PM Best of Worlds Videos

Saturday August 10th

11:00 AM Spintop Freestyles (subject to change)
12:00 PM Diabolo Freestyles (subject to change)
1:00 PM Spintop Ladder (subject to change)
2:00 PM Kendama Ladder (subject to change)
3:00 PM Fixed Axle Championships
6:30 PM Finals (AP, 5A, 1A)
11:00 PM – ?? Alternative Freestyles with Sebastian Brock