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8/12/07 We have started to post the results.
7/29/07 The program with the workshop schedual has been posted both under the workshop link and the schedule link

We have also posted under a new link called order the order contestants will compete.

7/22/07 Pre-registration has ended. Music uploading will remain open until the option in the menu goes away.
7/17/07 Rules and info for the ASA Freestyle Inviational up under RULES! Check it out, and help the Autism Society of America
7/14/07 Finalists for the AP division have been posted under the AP rules.
7/14/07 Music rules have changed. You must upload your music in .mp3 format by July 20th. (if you do not upload then music will be chosen for you).
7/4/07 Admission prices go up after July 5th. Register before then to save on admission to the contest.
7/4/07 The Schedule is up under schedule.
7/1/07 Music uploading has started under Upload music. Please upload your music by July 20th.
6/14/07 Rules for most divisions (except sports) are up under Tricks/Rules. Please read them carefully, they have changed alot.
6/6/07 Pre-Registration for worlds is open. Please read it carefully, it's changed a lot since last year. (oh and happy national yo-yo day.)
10/30/06 You can now make reservations for the Rosen Plaza Hotel under Hotel/Travel. Book early to make sure you get a room in the hotel! (we sold out about four months before the event last year).
10/22/06 World Yo-Yo Contest site opens for business. Nothing is working right now.

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The 2007 World Yo-Yo contest will take place on August 2, 3 and 4 - 2007.

Yuuki Spencer 1A USA 1st Place

Shinji Saito 2A JAPAN 1st Place

Yuuki Tanami 3A JAPAN 1st place

Eiji Okuyama JAPAN 4A 1st

Tyler Severance USA 5A 1st

Important Update: Music must be uploaded by July 20th. Please read rules for more information. Updates are in Red

The 2007 World Yo-Yo Contest will be held during the first week of August, one week earlier than last year's event. The hall will open Wednesday evening August 1st, with competition starting on Thursday morning August 2nd and will close about 11pm on Saturday August 4th. There will be no events on Sunday August 5th.

The 2007 World Yo-Yo Contest will crown World Yo-Yo Champions in the following seven divisions:

  • 1A (one-hand string)
  • 2A (two-hand looping)
  • 3A (two-hand string)
  • 4A (Off String)
  • 5A (Counterweight/FreehandTM )
  • AP (Artistic Performance)
  • Combined (Aerial + Dual + 1A)

There will also be two Sports Division yo-yoing competitions:

  • Sports String Tricks (S1) and Sports Looping Tricks (S2)

The 2007 World Top Contest will crown a World Champion and will also have a Sports Division Top Contest Ladder.

Other competitions which will be held include:

    Diabolo Sport Ladder Tricks (DI)
  • Yo-Yo World record attempts
  • Yo-Yo Modding

Workshops and panel discussions, covering numerous topics of interest, will be held during the three days of competition.

The event hall has over 10,000 feet of yo-yoing space with 22 foot ceilings and will be open 24 hours a day starting Wednesday night, and ending late Saturday night.

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