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08/10/04 The event is over and the results are up under Results
08/04/04 See you in Orlando, The staff of the World Yo-Yo Contest is leaving today for Orlando!
07/29/04 pdf Program updated with updated schedual in it (will post updaed schedual on web as soon as possible)
07/28/04 Program posted for worlds on this page. Look for it ...
07/27/04 Schedule updated, spelling errors corrected.
07/27/04 A workshop listing has been added under the new menu item Workshops.
07/24/04 Schedule up, workshops to come.
07/22/04 Freestyle (all divisions) and Music rules under Rules.
07/22/04 Minor Updates to the Spin Top (Both Sport and Champion)
07/22/04 Update to scoring of Mod Contest.
07/21/04 Don Watson is our special guest, please read his bio under Guest.
07/16/04 New hotel listed under Hotel/Travel. It's right next door.
07/16/04 Rosen Plaza is out of rooms.
07/09/04 Two videos for AA have been updated. Please check out the corrected videos.
07/09/04 AP Finalists posted under Tricks/Rules>AP.
07/08/04 Video contest rules posted under rules.
07/08/04 3A videos linked to 3A rules in rules section.
06/30/04 Mod contest rules posted under rules
06/30/04 AA videos posted under rules
06/29/04 Deadline for AP extended to July 6th.
06/29/04 OS videos posted under rules.
06/22/04 CW videos posted under rules.
06/09/04 Trick Videos posted for A division.
05/29/04 Sports Rules posted under rules.
05/29/04 Small changes (and name change) made to trick 8 in 1A.
05/27/04 Fan contest posted under Tricks/Rules
05/22/04 CW Trick list posted
05/21/04 OS trick list descriptions posted (a few small changes were made as well)
05/17/04 OS trick list posted (descriptions to come soon)
05/03/04 On-line Event Pre-Registraion has started under Registraion.
4/29/04 On-line hotel room reservations have started being accepted under Hotel/Travel
4/29/04 3A rules posted
4/28/04 World Top Contest rules posted
1/01/04 A Rules posted
12/31/03 AP Rules posted
12/31/03 Hotel reservation information is on-line. Telephone reservations for hotel rooms started.
12/29/03 Bunches of typos fixed. Thanks for point them out.
12/29/03 AA Trick list is up.
12/29/03 F.A.Q is live.
12/29/03 World Yo-Yo Contest site opens for business. Not everything is live yet.

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The 2004 World Yo-Yo contest will take place on August 6,7 and 8 - 2004.

The event is over and the results are up!

The 2004 World Yo-Yo Contest will have a Sport, A, AA division. There will also be Off String, AAA and Counterweight (Freehand) divisions. competition, as well as being the host to the World Top Contest. We will have two rooms of specialty workshops and panel discussions on all related topics.

The event site has 22 foot ceilings, and over 10,000 feet of yo-yoing space. This space will be open 24 hours a day starting Thursday night, and ending at 6pm Sunday.

The Rosen Plaza is sold out of rooms for the convention. We have added a new hotel under Hotel/Travel that is located right next door. Go to Hotel/Travel for more information.

Get ahead, download the pdf program for worlds Here. Plan your time to make sure you get to do what you want to do!

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