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Frequently Asked Questions.

Updated 12/29/2003 Updates are in Red

What is the world yo-yo contest?
The World Yo-Yo Contest is one of the largest and oldest yo-yo competitions in the world. It has been running off an on since the 1930's and attracts players from around the world.

Where and when will it be this year?
It will be on August 6-8 2004 in Orlando, Florida at the Rosen Plaza Hotel.

Are there any major changes with this years event over last years event?
There will be, updates will be posted on the home page as they happen.

Will I have any trouble finding the Rosen Plaza Hotel?
No, the Shuttle from the airport will take you right there. Just make sure you are going to the Rosen Plaza Hotel, not the Rosen Center Hotel (they look the same from the outside). The Rosen Plaza Hotel is directly across from FAO Schwarz, a toy store with a giant teddy bear in front of it.

When can I make my hotel reservation?
Right now, if you want to make a reservation by telephone. On-line registration will be up as soon as possible.

Why do I want to stay in the Rosen Plaza Hotel? The entire event occurs in the Rosen Plaza Hotel and it's attached convention center. The event room will open at 5pm on August 5st, and will not close till 4pm on August 8th. You can stay and yo-yo all night. There is also a 24 hour restaurant right next to the hall.

Are there discounts for area attractions available for attendees?
Yes! We will be posting these as they become available. This information will be posted under travel.

How do I register?
Registration and Pre-Registration will start as soon as possible. Please keep an eye out on the home page for more information.

How can I save money on registration?
Pre-Register early. Registration prices are on a sliding scale, the earlier you register the less you will pay for admission. We've also will be throwing in a few cool prizes. You will be entered for all drawings that take palace after you pre-register.

What levels of pre-registration are there?
There are three. Contestant (You will be competing in any of the yo-yo or top competitions), Non-Contestant (You will not be competing, but you will be yo-yoing) and Observer (you will not be yo-yoing or taking workshops.) Observer tickets will only be for sale at the door.

If I don't pre-register can I still pay at the door when I get there?
Yes, but you will not get a T-Shirt included with your admission. You can save some money by pre-registering, but you will still be able to get in and compete if you just show up and register at the door.

What is Lucky's BBQ and why would I want to go?
Lucky's BBQ is quickly becoming an annual event. Last year it was by invitation only, but this year Lucky is opening it to everyone. Lucky owns a LARGE house with one of Americas largest yo-yo collections in it. It also has several swimming pools. So if you would like to come over to Lucky's on Friday night, get a ticket and come on over. Remember to bring your swim suit and towel. Lucky's house is a short drive from the hotel. Maps will be provided at registration. The BBQ will take place at 7pm on friday night.

Where is there more information I can find about this event?
Go to for the latest information.

How do I get to see the videos for the tricks?
They will be on-line as soon as possible under rules.

How many people will freestyle in A and AA?
There will be a change this year. The Compulsories will allow ANYONE to compete for one of at least 8 open spots (and up to 15). In addition to these spots, there will be spots given to winners of various National Yo-Yo Contests in A or AA. Recognized contests and organizations are SYYA, ABI, GYYA, KYYA, BYYA, AYYA, UTYJ and the Active People (AP), the Swiss national yo-yo organization. In short, win a recognized national yo-yo contest and you get to freestyle in the World Yo-Yo Contest.

Does this mean that these "winners" don't have to do Compulsories?
Part of the A and AA total score will be the compulsory score. Since it counts, all contestants will have to go through compulsories. People have been knocked down at least one position due to poor performance in compulsories. Practice, You have been warned.

What if a countries first place winner can't come?
A space is still reserved for a national of their country, but it's no longer guaranteed that they will get to freestyle. We will take the person with the highest A compulsory score, that is from that country, and let them compete in A freestyle, and we will take take the person with the highest AA compulsory score, that is from that country, and let them compete in AA freestyle. We will require these competitors to document that they have lived in the country for at least the past year. Their national yo-yo organization can vouch for them. Contestants will also be required to get a 40 our of a possible 50 points to freestyle. If no contestant from that country gets at least 40 points, then the slot will not be used for this year. It will not be replaced with another open slot.

What if my country does not have A and AA divisions
The first place winner of that contest will get a guranteed freestyle slot. He or she may choose to compete in A or AA. The other slot becomes an open slot that will be handled as if the first place person from that country could not come.

Does this mean if I am the only person from a country no matter what I do in the compulsories?
Nope. Read the last question again. If you won a recognized national yo-yo contest (1st place), you will freestyle no matter what your compulsory score is. If you did not win a national yo-yo contest, and are trying to use the slot reservered for the best from your country, you must still score 40 out of the 50 points.

Ok, I think I'm getting this, how did you decide which countries/national yo-yo organizations to recognize. ?
We have recognized the SYYA, ABI, AYYA, UTYJ, BYYA, KYYA, AP, ABI, Poland and GYYA because they all have a national yo-yo organization that has hosted a national yo-yo contest in the previous year and it must have a freestyle division in it. The contest and organization must allow the use of all brands of yo-yos.

Does this mean you may recognize more organizations this year?
Yes. The final decision in any case is up to the organizing committee of the World Yo-Yo Contest. Write if you think your country may qualify.

What about next year?
We intend to expand or contract the list of recognized organizations and contests every year as appropriate.

Why are you doing this?
It is the mandate of the World Yo-Yo Contest to support and culture the development of a world yo-yoing community. To help do this we are trying to integrate on a voluntary basis the various national yo-yo organizations into this contest. We are also trying to encourage the formation of national yo-yo organizations and national yo-yo contests all over the world.

Is there any support for Non-English speakers?
There will be some, it will be posted here

Who can compete?
Anyone from any country can compete. There are individual divisions that have age restrictions.

What divisions will there be?
There will be: Sport Looping, Sport String Trick, A, AA, 3A, OS, CW, and AP (Artistic Performance). There may be more divisions added later, please check the web site for more information.

What divisions will hold world titles?
First place winners of the A, AA, 3A, OS, CW and AP divisions will be able to call themselves world champions. Sport division winners will not.

What are the tricks?
Tricks are posted at Just click on Rules to read.

Is there a fee to enter?
Yes there will be a fee to enter. This is posted under registration.

I hear there is a top thing going on, what it is?
The Third World Top Competition will be held this year at this event.

I want to volunteer to help for this event, can I?
Great! If we can use you, you will get in free!. Look at the credits page at to see what help we need. You'll get some nifty stuff and a free pass for the event.

What else will be happening at this event?
Workshops, World Record Breaking Attempts, A Mod Contest, A Video Contest, Yo-Yo Swapping and even more. Now go at look at

Hey the dates look funny on this site, what's up with that?
Welcome to the USA where we try and confuse non-natives with our dating system. Instead of the logical DAY/MONTH/YEAR we use MONTH/DAY/YEAR. This makes sense when viewed alongside our need to use the Imperial measurement systems, and our coinage, that does not have the numeral of it's value printed on it.

Hey not everything on this site works, why?
Because not everything is finished. Please come back and check regularly.

Will this FAQ be updated?

There seem to be spelling errors here?
Yes, There probably are.

You seem to be having fun with this FAQ, is it really that tough to write one of these?

Will this FAQ end soon?