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Worlds Workshops
This list of workshops are still under development. Please check the event program at the World Yo-Yo Contest for updates, changes and times. All workshops will be on either Friday or Saturday.

Modding and building.

  • How to design Yo-Yos.
    This is a special panel discussion with some of the masters of short run aluminum yo-yo design including; Kyle Weems (Imortalus), Christoph Kayatz (HSpin), Carlo Menon (Oxy 3), and Don Watson.
  • Modding Yo-Yos with basic tools.
    How to soup up your yo-yos using random parts. Cleaning bearings for performance and pog making will be included.
  • Turning Wooden Yo-Yos on a Lathe and how to make yo-yo string
    Eric Wolf and Alan Gray will show how to turn wood into yo-yos and how to turn thread into string.
  • Top Turning on a Wood Lathe
    Eric Wolff and Alan Gray will show their wood working skill converting a block of wood into a top.
  • Modding Yo-Yos with a Wood Lathe
    Eric Wolf will demonstrate the reshaping of plastic for the ultimate modding experience.
  • Painting Yo-Yos.
    Atomic Cow will teach some of his amazing painting techniques for painting yo-yos.
  • Carving Yo-Yos.
    50 years ago, the Philippine demonstrators carved designs onto wooden yo-yos that they gave to kids. These yo-yos have become very collectable. Al Hill (Bumper Yo) learned his skill in the late 1940s. Come and learn the dying art of yo-yo carving from this master.
  • Dying to Dye
    Seth Peterson will show you how to use household dies to color yo-yos. Be warned, this workshop may have a Shamoo splash zone. (Workshop will not be in normal workshop room. It will meet there and re-locate. Be on time)
Beginning Workshops
  • Beginning yo-yoing
    Don't know how to yo-yo, but you came to the World Yo-Yo Contest, this is the workshop for you!
  • Beginning 3A
    Learn the basics of two handed non-looping tricks with Tim Simco.
  • Beginning OS
    Learn the basics of yo-yo tricks where the yo-yo is not attached to the string.
  • Beginning Freehand
    Learn the basics of counter weight (freehand) tricks.
  • Beginning Top Throwing
    Learn to wind and throw a spin top.
  • Intro to two handed looping.
    Dale Myrberg, National Grand Master and master looping instructor will help you get past that barrier into two handed play.
  • Beginning Juggling
    Nick and Matt will teach an intro to 3 ball juggling and contact juggling class.

A breakout is a place to trade tricks and tips. Everyone is the teacher, and everyone is the student. These breakouts are usually lead by someone to keep the meeting flowing.

  • 3A Breakout
    Tim Simco will lead a break out on 3A. Be prepared to show your best stuff.
  • Freehand Break Out
    Jack Ringca will lead a break out on freehand. Be prepared to show your best stuff.
  • OS Break out
    This will be a OS breakout to trade and show OS tricks.
  • Advanced Top Throwing Break Out
    Matt will take you through the latest and most creative top tricks out there. Bring your own bag of tricks to show off.

Theoretical Yo-Yoing

  • Making Clip Vids
    Glass Eye and Mark McBride will cover the shooting, editing, and compression of Clip Videos.
  • Demoing yo-yoing in schools.
    How to do yo-yo school programs taught by Dale Oliver and Rich Rains.
  • Performing for Groups
    Steve Brown will lead a discussion about performing with yo-yos for groups. Learn how to present yourself as an entertainer to the public.
  • Organizing a Yo-Yo Event
    This is an open table discussion about organizing a yo-yo event at any level. This will be an informal group discussion lead by GReg Cohen.