Yo-Yo Mod contest.

This contest is to judge the best home made modifications of a commercial yo-yo or the entire construction of a new yo-yo by a hobbyist without intention of commercial production.

All contestants must turn their yo-yo over for judging by 1pm on Saturday August 4th at the main registration booth. All yo-yos must be in a bag, box or other storage device along with a card or sheet of paper that has the following information on it:

  • Name of contestant
  • Contestant's address, phone number and e-mail address (if available)
  • Name of yo-yo or Mod.
  • Parts used or fabricated

A claim check will be given to all contestants to allow them to pick up their yo-yo when the contest is over.

All yo-yos will be available for pickup no later than 11am Sunday morning at the registration booth.

Yo-yos will be played with, and pushed to their limits. We are not trying to damage any yo-yo, but any damage caused to any entered yo-yos is not the responsibility of the judges, the contest or it's organizers.

Yo-yos will be judged by a panel of judges (including Stan Zygo) who will determine the best, most creative, most effective, and heck, the most cool.

Anything can count, from decorations, to the installation of an aludium Q-232 hyper space modulator. But first and foremost, it has to play.

Good luck.