July 8,9 2000

Nickelodeon Studios at Universal Studios Universal Orlando

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the rules at the Yo-Yo News Network

The 2000 World Yo-Yo Contest is now over. There was lots of fun in too much sun for all.

The results are now in, click here to see them.

We hope to post video clips and photographs of the event soon. Video footage will be posted at nick.com, under the Nick Gas section soon. Please look for it.

This event is scheduled to air on Nickelodeon on August 6th, and Nick GAS on August 8th. We are not sure that these will be identical coverage. We will let you know as we find out.

Also look for National Geographic's World Magazine. They will be doing major coverage of this event in the February 2001 issue.

Get Worlds Stuff Here Missed the contest? Forgot to get a T-Shirt or a Patch? Want an "Official" World Yo-Yo Contest Yo-Yo? or just a yo-yo you can learn to play with?
Go to Infinite Illusions to get it
On-line videos are now up:
See the Highlight's video in MPG format.
More will be up soon.
Want to see more: Videos of most of the contestants are at Sector Y
The "Official" Nick GAS site is now up at:
http://gas.nick.com/yoyo It'll be updated in the next few weeks, so keep coming back.

Want to learn how to yo-yo? Check out these beginner instructions.
Spot Box, the creators of Yo-Yo Ninja Boy have just released the first of three new episodes that take Yo-Yo Ninja Boy to the World Yo-Yo Contest. Check it out! or go to SpotBox.com to see all the episodes!
The Trophies have been completed. Click to see a photograph of the 2000 World A,AA,X and Teams tropies. (16.5" tall)
The World Top Contest
This year we will be hosting the first World Peg Top Contest at the World Yo-Yo Contest. Click on the logo to go to the rules!.

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7/17/00 Results posted for S Division.
7/11/00 Results posted for A, AA, X and Teams
7/4/00 Freestyle Judging Rules Posted under A and AA rules (link in on the bottom of each page)
7/1/00 Pre-Registraion ends.
6/23/00 Daily Schedual posted under Schedual.
6/20/00 Updates sponsor information
6/15/00 X Division Finalists Announced. See Rules/X-Division for the list
6/15/00 FAQ Updated
6/13/00 12 World Top Contest videos
6/5/00 Teams rules put on-line
5/30/00 World Top Contest rules put on-line
5/18/00 FAQ upadated
5/14/00 Basic workshop information posted under Schedule
5/14/00 FAQ Updated
5/13/00 Posted info on our Guest of Honor Harvey Lowe
5/4/00 Registration Started
5/4/00 FAQ Updated
5/1/00 FAQ is updated
5/1/00 Improved descriptions of A and AA. More videos and written descriptions were put on-line.
4/24/00 Added rules to A and AA division.
4/24/00 Put up X Division Rules.
4/15/00 Updated rules and added mailing list.
4/13/00 Basic rules put on-line. Updates to follow.
4/13/00 FAQ Updated
4/4/00 FAQ posted
4/4/00 Hotel information posted under travel.
3/30/00 Airline information posted under travel.
Over the next few weeks more information about this event will be posted

We hope you will be able to join us for this event.

More to come soon. Contact greg@pd.net if you have any questions for now.

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