2002 World Yo-Yo Contest

Seeded Contestants for the 2002 worlds

Brazil ABI
A: Mario Troise F. Leite

Germany (GYYA)
AA: Marek Grummt
A: Eric Bergmann (UFO)

France (FYYA)
A: Mr. Boris Lam (Mr. Kwiji)

Italy (IYYA)
A: Massimo "Basti" Sandolo.

Japan (JYYA)
AA: Yukihiro Suzuki
A: Tomonari"Black" Ishiguro

Poland (Poland Nationals)
A: Jakub "Kendzior" Kendzierski

AA: Masahiro Tanikawa
A: Jason Lee

Recognized but we do not have contestants seeded from yet:
Korea (KYYA), United Kingdom (BYYA)

Hey, what does this mean?
First place winners in A and AA from recognized national yo-yo contest get seeded freestyle slots at worlds. This means that they get to freestyle in A or AA independent of what they score on the compulsories. The compulsory scores will still count as part of their score, but will not effect their ability to freestyle.

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