2002 World Yo-Yo Contest

2002 Event Schedual

This Schedual Subject to Change

  Registration Main Stage Workshop Room 1 Workshop Room 2
5pm Hall Opens      
10AM Registration Opens      
  Trading Area Opens      
  National Organizations Tables Open      
12NOON Workshops Start   Beginning two handed play. How to Judge a Compulsory Competition
1PM     Intro to Juggling How to Judge a Freestyle
2PM   Advanced One handed tricks. Beginning Yo-Yo Skills Judges Meetings
3PM   Advanced Freehand Tricks. Beginning AAA "
4PM   Advanced OffString Tricks.   "
5PM   Advanced AAA/AA handed tricks.   "
6PM     Compulsory Workshops. "
7PM Lucky's BBQ Starts      
10PM Open Stage Opens How to Judge a freestyle part 2    
9AM Registration Opens Compulsory Workshops.    
10AM       Judges Meeting
11AM A and AA Compulsories Start      
  Workshops Start   Beginning Yo-Yo Skills Contact Juggling
12NOON     Yo-Yo Collecting. Intro to Juggling
1PM     Video Contest and Viewing Yo-Yo Mods.
2PM SL and SS Compulsories Start Start World Top Contest Breaking Records Rick & Lucky Diabolo
3PM     Beginning AAA Rick Wyatt Contact Juggling
4PM     Elements of an Effective Freestyle. How to Judge a Compulsory Competition
5PM     Performing for Groups. Brown and Hayward How to Organize a Yo-Yo Contest
6PM contestants and Judges meeting for AP and Top Freestyle      
7PM   AP and Top Freestyles    
9PM   AP and Top Award Ceremony    
    A and AA Finalists announced    
10PM Open Stage Starts      
9AM Contestants Meeting for A and AA      
10AM   X Division Freestyle    
    A Division Freestyles    
    To be followed by AA Division Freestyles    
    Awards Ceremony.