Updated 6/15/05

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  • Sport ladder

  • Sport division is NOT a world title.

  • Entrants can enter any other division

2005 Spin Top Sport Division Ladder:
Read trick descriptions carefully. All tricks are to be performed as described in the text. The Sport Division is open to players of all abilities and is a 30-trick ladder with increasingly difficult compulsory tricks. This division will be divided into age groups as follows: 10 & Under, 11-12, 13-16, 17-29, 30-44, 45-106.

Any Top may be used for the ladder tricks, you may change tops at any time, with the exception of regeneration tricks which must be done with a fixed tip top (those tricks are identified in the list). All tricks must end with a spinner for 5 seconds either in hand or as directed by instructions. Players get one attempt at each trick. Players score is determined as follows: When a player has missed a second trick, the player is retired and the score is the last trick completed/first trick missed.

Tie Breakers:
The player who has gone the furthest (last trick completed) on the ladder is the winner of his/her division. If there is a tie, the player who went the furthest before first miss is the winner. If there is still a tie then a tie breaker will be held using tricks on the trick list completed by the tied players and decided by the head judge.

1. Spinner
Wind and throw top to spin on floor
2. Target to Frisbee
Throw Spinner into target.
3. Skyrocket
Throw Spinner; wrap string around top, holding one or both ends of string pop top up into hand.
4. Boomerang
Throw like a Spinner, but pull back so top lands in hand.
5. Boomerang under leg
Throw Boomerang so that top travels under either leg, and into hand.
6. Big Scoop
Throw Spinner, scoop top into palm of hand.
7. Merry-Go-Round
Throw Boomerang, slide top onto string, 3 revolutions under throw hand, pop top to hand
8. Hackey Top (knee)
Throw Boomerang, drop top and bounce it off the knee, back into the hand.
9. Arm Walker
Throw Boomerang, elevate hand to walk the top down the arm to the inside of the elbow, then pop the top back into the hand.
10. Crazy 8 (3 reps)
Merry Go Round over and under (or under and over) for each rep, return to hand.
11. Trapeze
Throw top so that it lands sideways on string. Correct and return to hand.
12. Wirewalker
Throw Boomerang to either hand, wrap the string around the point, pull the string taunt to cause the top to spin across the string to the other hand. Top must travel on the string at least 1/2 of the width of the shoulders.
13. Rock the Baby (2 rocks)
Throw Trapeze, form cradle, pass the top through the cradle in both directions for each rep. Correct and return to hand.
14. Hop the Fence (3 reps)
Throw & catch Trapeze, put both ends of the string in the throwing hand. With the other hand pull the top up and forward over the throw hand. Return to hand after reps.
15. Gyroscopic Flop
Throw Boomerang, bind top in center of string. Pull string tight so that top makes one full rotation around string. Return to hand.
16. Mach 5
Throw Boomerang, wrap string around the point, suspend top on string between hands, make 3 revolutions of both hands around top, keeping top stationary. Return to hand
17. Wirewalker 2
Do Wirewalker, rewrap string around point and wirewalk back to the original hand. Top must travel on the string at least 1/2 of the width of the shoulders in each direction.
18. Around the World
Throw Trapeze, swing top one full circle at full string length. Correct and return to hand.
19. Dive Bomber
Throw a Boomerang, slide the top onto the string ala Merry Go Round, swing top under throwing hand side leg (inside to outside) back to the hand.
20. Roller Coaster to hand (fixed tip) (5 reps)
Throw Boomerang, slide top down onto string using same motion as MGR; jerk back with throwing hand causing top to pop off string and return to hand for each rep.
21. Corkscrew
Throw Boomerang, make one wrap around tip. Wrap string around forearm 3 times, raise arm vertical, and swing top, to follow string and orbit arm 3 times. Return to hand.
22. Behind the back Trapeze
Throw Trapeze, catching on string held behind back. Correct and return to hand.
23. Bermuda Triangle
Throw Boomerang, do Merry Go Round, insert pointer finger from free hand in the loop, forming triangle with the string, and rotate top through the triangle, do 3 rotations. Return to hand. The string should not do a full wrap around the tip while forming the triangle.
24. Whip Catch
Throw Trapeze, pop top off string into air, and recatch in loop with whip motion. Correct and return to hand.
25. Drumbeat (fixed tip) (10 reps)
Throw Trapeze, pop top into air, recatch on string. Pumps between pops are optional, but no more that 5 pumps between pops. Return to hand after all reps.
26. Lasso (fixed tip) (5 reps)
Throw Boomerang, pop top into air from hand and catch top with string using a horizontal swiping motion, repeat from pop top into air from hand for each rep. Return to hand.
27. Upside Down Merry-Go-Round
Throw Trapeze. Control the top to spin tip up, and do 3 reps of Merry Go Round with the tip pointing up. Correct and return to hand.
28. Roller Coaster to String from Lasso catch (10 reps)
Start with Lasso catch, (Boomerang to string without hand catch) followed by Roller Coaster but recatching it on the string instead of in the hand. After all reps, return to hand.
29. One Hand Trapeze
Throw Trapeze, catching top on segment of string between thumb and a finger of throwing hand. Correct, and return to hand.
30. Bull's-eye to 2 inch target
Throw Spinner into target.