However you can still register on the day of the event. Read bellow for more info.

How do I register?

Each player has to register individually using the form linked at the top of the page. You have to select the “Competition fee” item and than select the divisions you wish to enter. After this step you click the “Register” button which will take you to the next page where you fill in your details. Please fill everything that is requested. After that you click the “Checkout” button which will redirect the site to a PayPal gateway. You follow the steps given by the PayPal system and once you finish the actually payment you’ll receive an confirmation email. After that, the registration is complete.

How do I submit my music?


AFTER you complete your registration you should upload your music (you have time until one week before the actual contest, but please be nice to the organizers and upload your music as soon as you chose one). To do so you click the button on the top of the webpage and follow the steps which are described in the section itself. Please bear in mind that the upload process can take some time, especially if you’re music file is large. Submit only *.mp3 files and keep in mind that they the music HAS to start when you want it to. There will be no “please play it from the 20th second”.

Registration pricing:

We aim to offer affordable registration prices for everyone and reward those who register early. Our system is different from the past WYYC events. There is a fixed price for all divisions and variable competition fee which is going to increase towards the event itself. All the competitors have the entrance fee already included in this price!

*all prices shown are in US dollars. The online payment will be in USD. 1$ = aprox. 20CZK, 0.72€, 100¥.

Division pricing (fixed):

  • 1A division – 30$
  • 2A division – 20$
  • 3A division – 20$
  • 4a division – 25$
  • 5A division – 30$
  • AP division (per team) – 20$
  • Women’s division – 10$
  • SpinTop division – 20$

Competition fee (depending on the date of registration):

  • 20$ if you register before the 30th of May
  • 30$ if you register before the 30th of June
  • 40$ if you register before the 3rd of August
  • Online registrations close on 3rd of August!
  • 100$ if you register on site (if you chose this option you lose your seed spot and you have to undergo the wildcard round)

Music upload

  • Deadline for music upload is 3rd of August! If you fail to upload music and you will bring it on a USB to the venue you’ll be penalised by 50$ fee!

YOYO CAMP Registration fee: 

  • 150$ – this includes transportation, accommodation and daily breakfast + dinner


You decide that you want to compete in 1A, 5A and SpinTop. You are going to purchase the “competition fee” and add all of your selected divisions. In this case you are going to pay 20$ (competition fee), 30$ (1A fee), 30$ (5A fee) and 20$ (SpinTop fee). This equals to the total of 100$ for the entire registration and this includes the entrance fee as well.


Our system uses the PayPal online payment solution. This platform accepts all major credit cards. All the fees are charged at time of the registration. We offer cash registration on-site as well, but this is significantly more expensive as it complicates the event organization greatly. Please register as soon as you can to ensure the best pricing and smooth registration process.