Division where a player or group of players are judged predominantly on performance. Choreography, use of music, creative use of the stage, movement and performance will be among the important judging criteria of this division.

AP Division Finalists for WYYC14

Congratulations to all the finalists.

The player/team names and the order for the final stage.

  1. Yang Yuan-Ching (Taiwan)
  2. Naoto (Japan)
  3. Tuan Chin-Min (Taiwan)
  4. Takahiko Hasegawa (Japan)
  5. inmot!on (Switzerland)
  6. SPINATION (Japan)

(Updated: July 23, 2014)


What is the AP (Artistic Performance) Division?

AP stands for artistic performance and unlike other divisions at the World Yo-Yo Contest, it is all about entertainment, art and creativity. In AP, the performer(s) is free from a technical point system and encouraged to use the yo-yo in a creative way. The yo-yo must be an integral/main part of the performance but the performer is free to use it for comedy, drama, to tell a story or to convey an emotion. This Division is a showcase of the amazing entertainment possibilities of yo-yo.

What are the judges looking for?

Any performance competition can be difficult to judge. What appeals to one judge may strike another judge as “not that interesting.” The combined elements of Entertainment, Creativity, and Artistic Value must be the biggest factors in evaluating a performance. Does the performer connect and interact with the audience in a fun/exciting/surprising way? Was the creative idea/concept behind the performance compelling and did the performer convey that concept to the audience and judges? Does the performer set an atmosphere, display professionalism and mastery of their art, and were the audience and judges moved emotionally by their performance? The judges are looking for all of these things.

How are the prizes awarded?

The AP Division can look very different from year to year. Therefore the judges have a great deal of discretion in awarding the prizes. Instead of awarding a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, judges may choose to give an Entertainment Award, a Creativity Award, or an Artistic Award. In addition to these awards, a performance may be so amazing and so compelling that it earns a Grand-Prix Award. The Grand-Prix would be analogous to a World Championship. There may be years when no performance reaches that level.

  • Grand-Prix Award (World Champion Title)
  • Creativity Award
  • Artistic Award
  • Entertainment Award
  • (We may or may not award any of the awards above.)

 General Rules

The performances in these videos can be up to 4 minutes in length.

Except for the safety issues listed below, there are no particular limits on props that a contestant may use. The use of any unusual props should be cleared in advance with the Contest Director. No props that can cause a danger to the performer, audience or venue  will be allowed. This includes but is not limited to the use of fire, pyrotechnics or knives.
Prop set up time shall not exceed 2 minutes without prior approval of the Contest Director.

A microphone on a cable can be made available if the contestant arranges it in advance. There is no current plan to provide a microphone stand. Contestants can hook their own equipment into the sound board.

Teams are allowed to compete. However, only one trophy or medal will be awarded to the winning contestant or team.
Assistants will be considered team members and therefore they will be allowed to perform yo-yo maneuvers.

Each routine is judged and ranked in comparison to other routines of this year. Comparisons to past years are not made.

Since it is an International audience and panel of judges, the performances should be universal enough to be understood by all.

The contents of the performance must not make fun of, insult, harm, or discriminate on the basis of (including but not limited to) race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, disability, age, and national origin (ancestry). Offending performances will be disqualified at the discretion of the judges.

How to Enter


Submit your video by July 15th, 2014 (upload as a private video to video servers  like Vimeo, YouTube, upload to your own private server, or send CD/DVD to us). If you need help submitting, please contact us. After you submit your video, please contact us with a link to view and/or download your video.

Judges will choose 5 -10 players/teams (based on the submitted video) that will compete in finals.

There are two ways to submit your performance tryout video:

The first (preferred) method:
Upload it to a Vimeo/YouTube account as a “private video.”
Creating an account is free and easy to do: http://www.Vimeo.com or http://www.youtube.com
Once you have created your account click “Upload a Video” at the top of the page.
After uploading video click “settings” and then “privacy/private/only with the link.” option.
Once you have done this then email apjudge@iyyf.org with  the following information.

Please include the following information on the e-mail or CD/DVD.

  • Your full name(s):
  • Team Name (if multiple people):
  • City:
  • Country:
  • Age:
  • Contact E-mail:

The Second Method:
You may also submit via a DVD or CD-R
If you choose to send a hard copy as described please mail it to this address:

ATTN: Hironori Mii / AP Division
35-1 Izumi-cho Iwakura Aichi 482-0045 JAPAN

Also send an email to apjudge@iyyf.org to let us know your video is coming.

The performances in these videos can be up to 4 minutes in length.

The final performance does not need to be the same as that of the video but must incorporate at least the same level and variety of skill. The video media will not be returned, and will become the property of the World Yo-Yo Contest. The World Yo-Yo Contest is not responsible for videos that are lost, damaged or delayed by the shipper.

All videos must be submitted/arrived by July 15th 2014.

The results for the tryout video round (players qualified to AP finals) will be announced on this page by the end of July.


Jack Finn (United States) – Head Judge for AP Division

Stu Brown (Australia)

Jumper (Germany)

Rafael Matsunaga (Brazil)

Rei Iwakura (Japan)

More to be announced

Performance Examples of Each Award

Entertainment Award

Spination (2013)

Shaqler (2010)

John Higby (2007)

Creativity Award

Takahiko Hasegawa (2011)

Rei Iwakura (2009)

Mark Montgomery (2003)

Artistic Award

Tuan Chih-Min (2013)

Tommy (2012)

Black (2007)

*Disclaimer: These examples are just samples to show the general idea of each award. We chose them because they demonstrate each award’s criteria very well. That said, it is possible that they could be nominated for other awards, depending on the year and/or judges. Moreover, there are many great, high quality performances we did not list here because they showed too much overlap between awards and thus might be unclear examples of each award.

(Last Update: July 14, 2014)