I. Championship Divisions

  1. World Champion Title will be awarded to the winner of each of these divisions.
  2. World Champion Title will be awarded only if there id more than 5 competitors in the division.
  3. For more info about freestyles and judging see Rules section.
  4. Three minutes finals, except AP. For qualification requirements see Seeding section and Round structure section.

1A – Single YoYo (String tricks)

2A – Double YoYo (Looping tricks)

3A – Double YoYo (String tricks)

4A – Offstring YoYo

5A – Counterweight YoYo

Spin Top

Spin top division consist of 3-minute freestyle to the music of the contestants choosing. All spin top types are allowed (bearing, fixed, one way bearing, etc.). Contestant can use only spin tops they personally bring with them on stage. During their freestyle, a contestant may not receive or use spin top from audience members. If a spin top falls off the stage, it may no longer be used. Even if a spin top is returned to the stage by an audience member with good intent it may not be used. Spin tops can be winded up only by the contestant. Technical points are awarded for every trick or combo, negative points are deducted for obvious misses and mistakes. Technical score makes 80%, performance score 20% of the total score. Every fall of the spin top counts as one point major deduction, these points are deducted from the final 80% technical score after normalization.


AP – Artistic Performance

Division where player or group of players are judged predominantly on performance. Choreography, use of music, creative use of the stage, movement and performance will be among the important judging criteria of this division. Please remember that this is still a yo-yo contest, so judges will primarily take into account the elements of performance that occur while the contestant is yo-yoing. Limit for the show is 4 minutes (4:00). More details coming soon.

How to enter: Submit your video by July 15th, 2014 (upload as private video to video servers (Vimeo, Youtube), upload to private server, send on CD/DVD). If you need help submitting, please contact us. After you submit your video, please contact us with a link to view and/or download your video.

Judges will choose 5 -10 players/teams (based on the submitted video) that will compete in finals.



II. Other Divisions

  1. Anyone can compete (see the list in Registration section).
  2. World Champion Titles WILL NOT be awarded to the winner of these divisons.
  3. Minimum of 3 players is required for the division to be opened.
  4. For more info about freestyes see Rules section.

Women’s freestyle division

This is extra division for women competitors and consist of three minute freestyle. If more than 15 competitors is registered, one minute qualification will be held. Competitors in this division are allowed to participate in all Championship divisions as well.

More division information is coming…