We just crossed our first registration milestone. The first deadline which usually shows what kind of a contest we can expect. And this year sounds so exciting that we’ve decided to post a small preview of what you can expect!

Mind the fact that we still have two full months until the first throw. And yoyo players are notoriously lazy when it comes to registration. So this “superstar list” is still going to grow and grow.

Let’s split this summary into divisions:


  • Vashek Kroutil – Czech Champion
  • Mimi Thian – Team C3YoYoDesign Malaysia
  • Clint Armstrong – YoYoFactory Contest Team
  • Harold Owens III – USA National Champion
  • Igor Galiev – Russian YoYo Star
  • Vilmos Zoltan Kiss – Team One Drop
  • Matyáš Racek – Mr. Unique Style from Prague
  • Takeshi Matsuura – World and Japanese National YoYo Champion
  • Hiroyuki Suzuki –4x World YoYo Champion
  • Anthony Rojas – 2014 Bay Area Classic Champion
  • Carlos Braun – EYYC 2014 winner and Werrd Team Member
  • Shinya Kido – 2009 World YoYo Champion & C3YoYoDesign Japan Team
  • Riccardo Fraolini – CLYW Team & #trickcircle dominator


  • Takuma Yamamoto – World YoYo Champion
  • Joseph Harris – US National Champion
  • Dave Geigle – European 2A Champion


  • Patrick Borgerding – US National 3A Champion


  • Quentin Godet – European YoYo Champion
  • Rei Iwakura – Japanese YoYo Champion
  • Ben Conde – Team YoyoJam Legend
  • Ian Johnson – US National YoYo Champion


  • Maciek Cwynar
  • Takeshi Matsuura – World YoYo Champion
  • Chih-Min Tuan – Taiwanese YoYo Champion
  • Sora Ishikawa
  • Jake Elliot – USA National Champion

More than we can say is that we have more attendees in the Women’s division than any other yoyo contest before and that the SpinTop legend, Jorge Alcoz is coming and competing as well!

And don’t forget – this is just a list of a few superstars (we almost certainly forgot someone) who registered within the first month the reg. is open! We hope you are as excited as we are!