August 2nd, 3rd and 4th - 2012 at the Rosen Plaza Hotel in Orlando Florida.

World Yo-Yo Champion

Our 2012 Winners. Videos coming soon.
1A Hiroyuki Suzuki Japan
2A Shu Takada Japan
3A Hank Freeman USA
4A Rei Iwakura Japan
5A Takeshi MAtsuura Japan

Top Ladder


Read trick descriptions carefully. All tricks are to be performed as described in the text. The Spinning Top Sport Division is open to players of all abilities and is a 40-trick list with increasingly difficult tricks.
There are three age group divisions as follows:
12 and under, 13-16, 17 and over.
Rules:Any Spinning Top may be used, you may change tops at any time, with the exception of regeneration tricks which must be done with a fixed tip top (those tricks are identified in the list). Top must spin for 5 seconds as the ending for each trick. Players may try as many tricks on the list in any order as they wish. Players get one attempt at each trick. Players are retired after 3 missed tricks. Players with the highest score wins his/her division.
Tie Breakers:If there is a tie, the player who completed the highest trick on the list is the winner. If there is still a tie then it will be the next highest completed trick on the list to determine the winner. If the tied players have completed all the same tricks, then a tie breaker will be held using tricks on the trick list and decided by the head judge.
1. Spinner – 1 PtThrow top to spin on floor
2. Big Scoop – 1 PtScoop top spinning on floor into palm of hand.
3. Bull’s-eye to Frisbee – 1 PtThrow Spinner into Frisbee (or similar size target) supplied by Judge.
4. Skyrocket – 1 PtThrow Spinner; wrap string around top, holding one or both ends of string pop top up to hand.
5. Boomerang – 1 PtThrow like a Spinner, but pull back so top lands in hand.
6. Boomerang under leg – 1 PtThrow Boomerang so that top travels under either leg, and catch in hand.
7. Merry-Go-Round – 1 PtThrow Boomerang, allow the top to drop off your hand while catching the tip into a loop of string held between the thumb and index finger. Allow the top to travel in a circular motion 3 revolutions below your throw hand, return to hand.
8. Hacky Top – 1 PtThrow Boomerang, drop top and bounce it off knee, return to hand.
9. Arm Walker (fixed tip) – 1 PtThrow Boomerang, elevate hand to walk top down arm to inside of elbow, then pop top back to hand.
10. Crazy 8 (3 reps) – 1 PtPerform Merry-Go-Round over and under (or under and over) arm for each rep, return to hand.
11. Trapeze Mount – 1 PtThrow top so that it lands sideways on string. Return to hand.
12. Bull’s-eye to 4 inch target – 2 PtThrow Spinner into target provided by Judge.
13. Behind the back Boomerang – 2 PtThrow Boomerang behind the back and catch in hand in front of body.
14. Wirewalker (fixed tip) – 2 PtThrow Boomerang to either hand, wrap string around tip, pull taunt to cause top to spin across string to other hand. Top must travel on string at least width of shoulders. Hand from which top starts walk may not move until after top has been launched by string.
15. Rock the Baby (2 rocks) – 2 PtThrow Trapeze, form cradle, pass the top through the cradle in both directions for each rep. Return to hand.
16. Hop the Fence (3 reps) – 2 PtThrow & catch Trapeze, put both ends of string in throwing hand. With non-throwing hand pull string up and forward so top goes over throwing hand, orbits non-throwing hand, and then returns to Trapeze. The orbit is typically performed when top tip is pointing the same direction as non-throwing hand fingers. Return to hand.
17. Gyroscopic Flop – 2 PtThrow Boomerang, bind top in center of string between hands. Pull string tight so that top makes one full rotation around string. Maintain stationary on bind for one second. Return to hand.
18. Mach 5 – 2 PtThrow Boomerang, bind top in center of string, make 3 revolutions of both hands around top, keeping top stationary. Return to hand.
19. Around the World – 2 PtThrow Trapeze, swing top in a vertical plane one full circle at full string length. Return to hand.
20. Dive Bomber – 2 PtThrow a Boomerang, slide top onto string a-la Merry Go Round, swing top under throwing hand side leg (inside to outside) back to hand.
21. Corkscrew – 2 PtThrow Boomerang, make one wrap around tip. Wrap string around forearm 3 times, raise arm vertical, and swing top, to follow string and orbit arm 3 times. Return to hand.
22. Short Circuit (fixed tip) – 3 PtDo a wire walker but with the string looping around the index finger on the second hand so the spintop completes the walk back in the starting hand.
23. Cable Car (fixed tip) – 3 PtThrow Boomerang to throw hand. Drop top on string being held between both hands. Allow top to slide along string until it is close to other hand. Wrap string around tip and pull it taunt to cause top to travel back to throwing hand.
24. Roller Coaster to hand (fixed tip) (10 reps) – 3 PtThrow Boomerang, slide top down onto string using same motion as Merry Go Round; jerk back with throwing hand causing top to pop off string and return to hand for each rep. Return to hand.
25. Time Warp – 3 PtDo Around the World in one direction, pause at the bottom and then swing top one full circle the opposite direction. Return to hand.
26. Bermuda Triangle – 3 PtStart with Merry Go Round and insert index finger from non-throw hand in the loop of string. Form a triangle with string by causing the top to rotate about the index finger inserted into the loop of the string. Perform 3 rotations. Return to hand. String may have up to one full wrap around top tip while forming triangle.
27. Whip Catch – 3 PtThrow Trapeze, pop top off string into air, and re-catch in loop of string using a whip motion. The loop can be made from one end of the string (so spintop starts outside the loop), or the loop can be made by grabbing the opposite side of the string (so top starts inside the loop). Return to hand.
28. Lasso Catch – 3 PtThrow like a Boomerang, but catch top with string using a horizontal swiping motion. Return to hand.
29. Roller Coaster to String (fixed tip) (10 reps) – 4 PtLasso catch and perform Roller Coaster but re-catch it on string instead of in hand. Return to hand.
30. Trapeze to String (fixed tip) (10 reps) – 4 PtThrow Trapeze, pop top into air, re-catch on string. Pumps between pops (i.e. Drumbeat) are optional. Return to hand.
31. Upside Down Merry-Go-Round – 4 PtThrow Trapeze. Control top to spin tip up, and do 3 reps of Merry Go Round with tip pointing up (no more than 45 degrees from vertical). Return to hand.
32. Barrel Rolls (5 reps) – 4 PtThrow Trapeze. Hold the string with your throwing hand to form a loop and insert the index finger of the non-throwing hand inside the loop (do not let the string wrap the tip). Do alternating passes of the right and left hands under the top. Return to hand.
33. Behind the Back Trapeze to Lasso – 4 PtThrow Trapeze on throw hand side onto string held behind the back. Pass top behind the back by sliding top on string around body until it is popped up in front of body. Catch top with a Lasso. Return to hand.
34. One Hand Trapeze – 4 PtThrow Trapeze, catching top on segment of string between thumb and a finger of throwing hand. Return to hand.
35. One Hand Lasso – 4 PtPerform Lasso catch with one hand. Return to hand.
36. Joker Choker (fixed tip) (10 reps) – 5 PtPerform alternating Roller Coasters and Drumbeats (or Sewing Machine and Drumbeats) of 10 reps each. Return to hand.
37. Behind the Back One Hand Lasso – 5 PtThrow Behind the Back Boomerang and catch top with a One Hand Lasso in front. Return to hand.
38. Magnetic Wire Orbits {Satellites} (fixed tip) (10 reps) – 5 PtOrbit top in horizontal circles passing top alternatively below and above  hands. Top regenerates spin as it travels along string. Hands never let go of string. Top may pass above hands in front of the head or behind it. Return to hand.
39. Pirouette – 5 PtWhile doing roller coaster, pop top in the air, do a full pirouette (turn your body around 360 degrees) and re-catch top with a lasso. Return to hand.
40. Bull’s-eye to bottle cap target – 6 PtThrow Spinner into bottle cap supplied by judge.