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Help needed at worlds: Vehicle with Trailer Hitch.

Help needed at worlds: Vehicle with Trailer Hitch.
Tony Alonso from NVision Productions has again this year generously offered to loan us his commercial lighting system for use at worlds. This year we need to move it from his warehouse to the Rosen. He will be out of town so that while his staff will help us set it up and run it, they don't have a vehicle with a 2" trailer hitch to move it.

Registration for worlds closing

Just a quick update.

On-line registration for worlds is closing tonight. Please register if you have not. If you are going to compete, you must at least register to PAY AT THE DOOR if you want to compete.

Not competing? Well you can register at the door.
See you in Orlando.

-GRegory Cohen.
Chairman 2011 World Yo-Yo Contest.

AP Finalists

Here are the Finalists for AP:

Here are the AP Division finalists and the order of performance:

1. Naoto Okada

2. Takahiko Hasegawa

3. Hirinori Mii

4. Tomoya Kawasaki

5. Justin Weber

See you at worlds.

-GRegory Cohen
Chairman 2011 World Yo-Yo Contest.

Deadline for registering for worlds extended

We have decided to extend the registration deadline for worlds until Friday the 22nd. Remember if you want to compete, you must register on-line, even if you choose the pay at the door option. Please pass this information along if you could.

See you in Orlando

Gregory Cohen
Chairman 2011 World Yo-Yo Contest.

Music Upload

We are about a week away from turning on music uploading as usual, please bring two copies of your music with your on CD (not in mp3 files) just in case. Backups are good.

We are only having you upload your 1 minute music.

See you in Orlando.

-Gregory Cohen
Chairman 2011 WYYC

Rosen plaza hotel room registration deadline is monday.

The cut off for our room block at the Rosen Plaza hotel is 5pm on Monday the 11th (that is GMT-5). If you want a room at the hotel, book it by then. Remember you can cancel if you decide not to go with 48 hours notice, and you won't be charged until arrival.

See you in Orlando.

-GRegory Cohen.
Chairman 2011 WYYC

Registration Fixes and other Updates

Sorry about sending all these e-mails out in such a fast order.

The Multiple registration for the World Yo-Yo Contest is now working. If it is not for you PLEASE E-mail us and let us know. We think we have it fixed now. Two modules for this software package were at odds with each other. One was removed and it is working in our tests.

There was another error that was making the connection look insecure for registration is now fixed. It was always secure, it just did not look that way to some browsers.

Have you reigstered for the WYYC already but you want to add another division or T-shirt or Yo-yo?

We have added an option under Event Registration that lets you register ad pay for an additional division if you have already registered for the contest. It will also let you get a SE yo-yo or an extra BBQ ticket. Remember, to use this you must have first registered on-line with the pay now option at some point.

Pay at the door

The pay at the door option is now on-line for those who wish to use it under the event registration menu.

Schedule Posted

The basic event schedule is posted under the "Pricing, Deadlines, Schedules" menu.

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