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World Yo-Yo Contest Mod Contest

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World Yo-Yo Contest Mod Contest
A contest for the best modified or home-made yo-yo


* All entries must be submitted for judging at the event no later than 5:00 PM Thursday, August 4th. Entries should be turned in at the registration desk
* Only one (1) entry per person, and the entry must have been modded/made by only one person
* Entries may be by proxy (Someone else can bring your yo-yo, you need not be at the world yo-yo contest to enter however the person entering the yo-yo on your behalf must be familiar enough with the yo-yo and it's maker/modder to answer basic questions about the yo-yo)
* All entries must be in a small bag or box and have the name, address, and e-mail if available of the person entering
* Written descriptions detailing the features of the yo-yo are encouraged (if the judges can't figure out what you've created, or all the important aspects thereof, it's your fault, not the judges')
* The judging/scoring will be on a 0 to 100 point scale (with 100 points being the highest possible score per judge).

The criteria will be as follows:

+ Innovation and creativity (including creative use of materials) = 0 - 30 points
+ Quality, fit & finish, and visual & artistic appeal = 0 - 40 points
+ "Playability" = 0 - 30 point

* This year, awards will be given for the best homemade/scratch built entry, the best modded yo-yo (approximately 75 percent of parts must come from existing production yoyos), and an overall winner.

Judges: Eric Wolff, Rob Tsou, Kyle Weems, Ben MacPhee... and a player(s) to be named at a later date.