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The 2010 World Yo-Yo Contest will be held in the Rosen Plaza Hotel. The competition will be held in the hotel in their convention center.
Rosen Plaza Hotel
The event site will be open 24 hours a day, starting 5pm on Wednesday evening and ending on Saturday night at about midnight. We encourage staying at this hotel to enjoy the event to it's fullest, as it's not going to stop for three days.

There are 24 hour restaurants in this hotel and a variety of recreational activities. It is also convenient to all of the Orlando tourist attractions.

Reserve your room now at the special contest rate before they run out of rooms!
Room rate $104/night. We have managed to keep this rate fairly low. This is $3.00/night more than in 2010. This price is for up to 4 occupancy.

Getting to the hotel(s) from the Airport.
You can get to the hotel from the Airport by Shuttle Bus and Taxi, but if you have the time and are looking to save money, there is a city bus that stops right across the street from the hotels. At the airport get directions to the Lynx line 42 (Lynx is the name of the Orlando Bus Service). Get off at Point Orlando, the stop before the convention center on International Drive.