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Quick Info List
  • Entrants pre-judged by video

  • Videos must be recieved by July 5th

  • Between 5 and 10 finalists

  • 4 minute freestyle

  • Entrants can enter any other division

  • World Title
Thanks to everyone who entered, it was a great collection of entries this year.

2007 World Yo-Yo Artistic Performance division (AP)
Finalists for the AP Division 2007 World Yo-Yo Contest
  • Steve Brown
  • Tomonari Ishiguro
  • Taka Hasegawa
  • Hironori Mii
  • Tse Wing Man
  • Mizuho Nakajima
  • Rei Iwakura.
These finalists have been listed in random order.

1. What is the AP Division?
The Contest Director has provided a narrative and historical perspective of how the AP division has evolved to give contestants a clear understanding of how the AP Division works at this time. We encourage everyone who wants to enter this division to Read it here.

The AP (Artistic Performance) Division is designed to be a division judged predominantly on performance of the player over the sheer number or complexity of tricks that they execute. Choreography, use of music, creative use of the stage, movement and performance will be among the important judging criteria of this division.

These criteria are designed to promote creativity and freedom to express yo-yoing performance skill over raw yo-yoing power. Some of the judges may be selected from other artistic groups outside of yo-yoing to complement the judges that are also yo-yo experts. Please remember that this is still a yo-yo contest so judges will primarily take into account the elements of performance that occur while the contestant is yo-yoing.

If you enter this division you still CAN enter any other division of the 2007 World Yo-Yo Contest.

2. General AP Rules for 2007
  • There will be between 5 and 10 contestants selected by video pre-judging.
  • Each contestant will have no more than four minutes to do their performance. They can use less time if they wish. The time and judging will start from either the first throw of the yo-yo, or when the music starts, which ever comes first.
  • Contestants will be allowed to play music provided on a CDR with the music being the only track of the CDR.
  • Except for safety issues listed below, there are no particular limits on props that a contestant may use. The use of any unusual props should be cleared in advance with the Contest Director. No props that can cause a danger to the performer, audience or hotel will be allowed. This includes but is not limited to the use of fire, pyrotechnics or knives.
  • Prop set up time shall not exceed 2 minutes without prior approval of the Contest Director.
  • A microphone on a cable can be made available if the contestant arranges it in advance. There is no current plan to provide a microphone stand. Contestants can hook their own equipment into the sound board.
  • Teams will be allowed to compete. However, only one trophy or medal will be awarded to the winning contestant or team.
  • Assistants will be considered team members and therefore they will be allowed to perform yo-yo maneuvers.
3. Judging
  • There will be between four and seven international judges for this event.
  • There will be no mandatory scoring system for the judges to use. Each judge is free to use their own judging system and may make any notations they wish during the performances.
  • The judges are looking for elements such as: artistry, originality, choreography, use of music, creative use of the stage, movement and general presentation of the routine. These guidelines are intentionally general so as not to limit the contestant's creativity. There are countless ways to enhanced this division that have not been though of before, and we do not wish to limit what people can do, but the judges are looking for more than just a show, they are looking at the layers of performance they can understand and how well it is conveyed to the audience and the judges.
  • By 'layers of performance' we are not just referring to how many different elements are in the routine (including but not limited to Storytelling, Choreography, Music, skill of yo-yo playing, entertainment value, emotion that is conveyed, the AP Routine having a beginning, a middle and an end.) but how well each part of the performance is executed. Remember, if the judges do not understand what you are trying to do, it will be more difficult for them to judge all facets of your act.
  • Each routine is judged and ranked in comparison to other routines of this year. Comparisons to past years are not done.
  • Remember, some of the judges may not speak English well. Therefore, the performances should be universal enough to be understood by all of the judges.
  • When all contestants have performed, the judges will meet in private and each will prepare a ranking of contestants from the highest player in their opinion, to the lowest. These rankings will be compared and debated by the judges to determine the final rankings. In the event of a tie, the judges will vote to break the tie. If a tie still remains, the head judge of the 2007 World Yo-Yo contest shall cast the tie-breaking vote. 4. How to enter the AP Division
4. How to enter

Each contestant must submit a video of their performance on DVD, CD-R, or VHS (NTSC format, No Pal or SECAM.) to the Contest Director Greg Cohen. The performances in these videos can be up to 4 minutes in length. The entries must be received by July 5, 2007. The final performance does not need to be the same as that of the video but must incorporate at least the same level and variety of skill. The video media will not be returned, and will become the property of the 2007 World Yo-Yo Contest. The 2007 World Yo-Yo Contest is not responsible for videos that are lost, damaged or delayed by the shipper.

The video must have written on it: the name, address, age, and phone number of the contestant and the contestant's e-mail address. If possible please also include a Fax number.

Mail video to: Gregory Cohen
c/o Infinite Illusions
PO Box 2584
Tallahassee, FL 32316

Telephone: 850-385-6463

Internet Submission: This year you can send videos digitally over the internet. All files must be no larger than 65Mb, and contestants should contact greg@pd.net for upload information and for acceptable file formats. It may take up to 5 days to get a password issued, so do not expect to use this option if you are only able to contact us just before the deadline. We will need all of the same information as needed if you mailed in your entry. We will also need your file name and your user name that we issued.

5. Notification
Contestants will be notified by E-Mail or Fax if possible (and by regular mail if not) whether or not they have been chosen as an AP Division finalist. Finalists will also be posted on this web page.