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  • Note: class times subject to change

Beginning Workshops

  • Beginners yo-yoing
    Don't know how to yo-yo, but you came to the World Yo-Yo Contest this is the workshop for you! Thu 1pm, Fri 11am, Sat 11am
  • Beginners 2A
    Dale Myrberg, National Grand Master and master looping instructor will help you get past that barrier into two handed play. Fri 12PM,Sat 12:30
  • Beginners 3A
    Learn two handed non-looping tricks with Tim Simco. Thu 11:30AM
  • Beginners 4A
    Learn the basics of yo-yo tricks, where the yo-yo is not attached to the string. Sat 12AM
  • Beginners 5A
    Learn the basics of counter weight (freehand) tricks from Jack Ringca. Sat 11AM
  • Beginners Top Throwing
    Learn to throw a spin top from Dale Oliver Thu 1:30PM
  • Throw Dough
    The art of pizza dough spinning. Thu 3, Sat 1:30
  • Beginners Juggling
    Nick Civitello will teach an intro to 3 ball juggling and contact juggling class. Fri 2PM
  • Beginning Diabolo
    Stupendous will teach beginning diabolo Thu 11AM


  • The magic of grinds - Andre Boulay
    From finger to arm grinds, this workshop will teach you the basics, and go into the ridiculously advanced. Sat 1:30PM
  • Rapping about wraps.
    Two handed wraps from beginner to advanced. Learn teach trade. Lead by Pat Mitchell. Thu 12PM
  • How to Practice
    Jason Garfield, the head of the World Juggling Federation, has one of the best practice regimens around. He will share his strategy for improving ones skills through practice. Fri 1PM
  • Numbers Juggling
    Jason Garfield, one of the best numbers jugglers around will teach the techniques of numbers juggling, or how to juggle 5 or more objects. Thu 3:30PM

Modding and building

  • Modding with hand tools - Johnnie DeValle
    Using simple easy to get tools such as dremels, Takeshi will teach modding techniques. Sat 12:00AM
  • Different Response Systems - Eric Wolf
    Eric Wolf will lead a class on how to maximize the performance of your yo-yo with different response systems. Fri 1PM
  • Intro to Wood Lathes - Alan Grey
    How to shop for, how to set up, and what do you need when you get a wood lathe to do what you want. Thu 12PM
  • intro to Metal Lathes - Rob Tsou
    How to shop for, how to set up, and what do you need when you get a metal lathe to do what you want. Thu 1PM
  • Beginning Wood Turning - Eric Wolf
    Learn the basics of working with a Wood Lathe. Learn the skills that will later teach you how to mod. Fri 11AM
  • Beginning Metal Turning - Rob Tsou
    Learn the basics of working with a Metal Lathe. Sat 12AM
  • Modding with a wood lathe - Rob Tsou
    Learn how to select, and use a wood lathe for both turining and modding yo-yos. Sat 1PM
  • Moddling with metal lathe - Rob Tsou
    How to set up and use a metal lathe for modding yo-yos and milling custom parts. Sat 3PM
  • Turning Spin Tops - Alan Grey
    Using a wood and metal lathe to make spin tops. Thu 3PM
  • Making Wooden Yo-Yos - Alan Grey
    Using Lathes to make wooden yo-yos from scratch . Sat 11AM
  • Modding Old Yo-Yos - Alan Grey
    Modding old yo-yos using lathes to bring them up to date, or just have fun.. Sat 2PM
  • The Iron Chef of Yo-Yoing
    Two teams, secret ingredient yo-yo theme. Takeshi and Seth Peterson vs Eric Wolff and Alan Grey turned loose on a workshop to mod three yo-yos from a secret ingredient to be announced when the battle begins. Find out whos mod reigns supreme. Fri 3PM
  • How to design yo-yos
    A moderated panel discussion about designing and making metal yo-yos. Listen to Kyle Weems (Phi), Cristoph Kayatz (G&E), Frank Difeo (Dif-e-yo) and Kiya (Fluchs). Sat 3:30PM

Theoretical Yo-Yoing

  • Shooting yo-yo videos
    Mark McBride divides this workshop into 2 parts improving your lighting and shooting of yo-yo videos. He will then turn the floor open to an open discussion of the videography of yo-yoing. Sat 3PM
  • Making a good clip video
    Takeshi shows how to avoid making a boring video, and how to make an exciting one.. Thu 11AM
  • Demoing yo-yoing in schools.
    How to do school programs by Dale Oliver and Rich Rains Fri 1PM
  • Performing for Groups
    Professional performer and juggler Jason Garfield will team with Steve Brown to lead a class on performing in front of an audience. He will cover how to create material and how to present it. Sat 2PM
  • Hosting a Yo-Yo Event
    A round table on how to set up a yo-yo event. Thu 1PM
  • Advance and Promote yo-yoing
    A Workshop and open discussion for parents of yo-yo players to discuss the future of the sport. - Mrs. Montgomery. Fri 3:30PM

Special Meetings and Events

  • Coffee for yo-yo parents and spouses
    Sarah Cohen will host a coffee hour for non-yo-yoing parents and spouses. Ask for directions at the registration booth. Fri/Sat 10:00AM
  • Meeting of National Yo-yo Contests
    We are hoping to have a round table on the World Yo-Yo Contest with a representative from every recognized contest around the world. 2PM Fri


  • A breakout is a place to trade tricks and tips. Everyone is the teacher, and everyone is the student.
  • Fixed Axle Breakout - Jack Ringca Fri 11AM
  • 1A Breakout - Johnnie DeValle Fri 3PM
  • 2A Breakout - TBA Sat 2:30PM
  • 3A Breakout - Drew Tetz Thu 12PM
  • 4A Breakout - Jeff Coons Sat 12:30AM
  • 5A Breakout - Jack Ringca Sat 11:30AM
  • Top breakout - Matt Ritter Thu 2
  • Diabolo Breakout - Kyle Weems Thu 3:30PM