2002 World Yo-Yo Contest


The exact schedule for these workshops will be announced some time in the near future.

Advanced One handed tricks.
This is a workshop for the player who wishes to expand his knowledge of advanced one handed tricks. It will be an open workshop where attendees will take turns demonstrating the latest tricks and moves they have developed. This will be a moderated workshop.

Beginning two handed play.
This workshop will start to teach two handed yo-yo play to the novice. It will also help work with beginning two handed players to improve their play.

This workshop will have two components. It will teach basic AAA tricks (2 handed, non looping tricks) and will be an open forum for advanced players to take turns demonstrating the latest in this style.

Elements of an Effective Freestyle.
Get coached in developing an effective A and AA freestyle. Emphasis is placed on audience interaction, and music selection. Understanding the rules and designing your routine for scoring will also be covered.

Performing for Groups.
This workshop is for those of you who want to perform for groups of non-yo-yo players.

Yo-Yo Collecting.
Lucky Mesinheimer, master collector and author of the book Lucky's Guide to 20th century collectable yo-yos will teach about collecting yo-yos. Other collectors will contribute their opinions and strategies.

Yo-Yo Mods.
This is a show and tell workshop for yo-yo modders. It is for beginners and masters.

Contact Juggling
Ferrit, master contact juggler will be teaching a hands on workshop on Contact Juggling. Please bring a hard ball to learn with.

Compulsory Workshops.
In this workshop, all tricks for A and AA compulsories will be covered by the judges that will judge the event. Find out what they are looking for, and make sure you understand the tricks in question.

This is an introductory class in diabolo play. Off string and tradition play will be covered.

Intro to Juggling
Learn how to juggle 3 balls. Taught by the Lao. If you have 3 juggling balls to bring, please do.

Breaking Records
This workshop is about how to break yo-yo records. Sleepers and other records will be covered.

Beginning Yo-Yo Skills
This is a beginner yo-yo workshop. Please bring a yo-yo. The basic ladder tricks will be covered.

Judging Workshops:

This year we will be teaching workshops to train attendees to judge and organize yo-yo contest.

Organizing a Yo-Yo Contest.
This workshop will cover how to organize, publicize and run an effective compulsory or local yo-yo contest. Anyone can do it.

Judging a compulsory contest
This workshop will teach the future judge how to judge a compulsory yo-yo contest. What to look for and common problems and situations. It will cover the basic yo-yo ladder. More tricks will be covered with time allowing.

Freestyle Judging.
This workshop will be limited to 15 people.

This is an advanced and in-depth two part workshop on how to judge a freestyle. Part one will use video footage to practice judging, and to cover judging techniques and procedure. Part two will be held during the open stage at 10pm. Contestants will judge demo performances, and after each compare scores and discuss the judging.

If you are interested in this workshop please contact greg@pd.net. Space will be reserved for international attendees. This last workshop is the only one that has a space limit.