2002 World Yo-Yo Contest

Whats new for 2002

Updated 3/14/02

2002 brings us along in the next step of development of the world yo-yo contest. There are several changes from last year that everybody should take note of:

Thursday night and Friday day The 2002 World Yo-Yo Contest will run for three (3) full days this year. It will start Thursday night, and run through Sunday. Friday will be dedicated to workshops, not contests, so if you can not make the Friday events, you will still be able to compete in all divisions. The hall will open on Thursday night. We will try like last year to have it open by 5pm. We will have an open stage Thursday night if setup of the sounds system and stage has been completed. Once open, the hall will remain open 24 hours a day through Sunday. Friday workshops will include classes on Judging, Performance, and two handed play. If you wish to teach a workshop, please contact us.

New divisions and removal of old divisions We have decided, due to lack of contestants to discontinue the Teams Division of the World Yo-Yo Contest. We are replacing it with the Artistic Performance division (AP). This division will be selected using video preliminaries, like we do with the X division. This division will be judged, not on quantity and quality of tricks, but on quality and performance of tricks and the routine. Judges will be made up of some yo-yo judges for technical judging, and professional performers such as Jugglers, Dancers, and Theater Professionals. There will be 10 contestants selected for this division. Full rules will be posted when they are ready.

New sports divisions There will be a two handed sports division this year, as well as our standard sports division. If you enter A division, you can still enter two handed sports division. If you enter AA division, you can still enter one handed sports division. There is a possibility of freehand and off string sports divisions.

We will update this list when new information becomes available