2002 World Yo-Yo Contest


To help you understand what the judges will be looking for with the compulsory tricks for the A division, Bill DeBoisblanc, Head judge for the 2002 World Yo-Yo Contest has provided the following Q&A's for the trick list.
  1. Pop n' Fresh / Boing-E / Mach 5:

    Q: Is a Ferris wheel dismount the same as a Flyaway dismount that was required on last yearÕs tricks.

    A: Yes.

    Q. Do I have to do 5 reps of Pop nÕ Fresh before the Boing-EÕs?

    A.: No, only 5 popÕs which would be 2 _ reps of Pop nÕ Fresh.

    Q: What if I do one extra pop, is that OK?

    A: No, you would have to do two extra pops, one extra rep, so you could go directly into Boing-EÕs as required in the trick description and as shown in the trick video.

    Q: Why canÕt I do any somersaults before going into the Mach 5 hold?

    A: Because the somersaults effectively shorten the string segments making the trick elements easier to perform. Also, adding extra elements is not allowed by the rules.

    Q: Can I do a looping dismount like last year or do I have to bring the yo-yo back to my hand from a sleeper.

    A. No, we have removed the looping element from the trick description since most string trick yo-yos donÕt loop well. Therefore, doing a loop would be adding an element to the trick, which is not allowed by the rules.

  2. Eli Hops:

    Q. Do the Eli Hops have to be straight up vertically from the string?

    A: No, but the yo-yo should be thrown upward and not horizontally. All three hops should be within 45 degrees, to either side, of a vertical line

    Q. Can I do extra Eli Hops?

    A. Yes, you will not be penalized for doing extra hops, however if you miss the string on an extra hop it will be a miss so be careful.

  3. Double Skin the Gerbil:

    Q: What if I miss the Lindy Loop on the flip over can I flip it over again?

    A: No. That would be a miss because the object is to intentionally miss the Lindy Loop and then make it on <

  4. Hop in the Bucket:

    Q: Do all of the five hops in the bucket have to land on the same string?

    A: Yes. The yo-yo must land on the center string on each of the five hops. Otherwise it is not landing in the "BUCKET."

  5. Buddha's Fusion:

    Q: It seem like when I toss the yo-yo onto the throw hand to perform the "one" PinWheel, I have to do one and a half PinWheels. Is this OK?

    A: Yes. The trick description calls for "one" PinWheel but actually it is more accurately described as one and a half PinWheels.

  6. White Buddha, Basic Version:

    Q: Can I do a harder version of this trick that I prefer?

    A: You must do the trick exactly as described and as shown in the official video.

    Q: What if the yo-yo falls out of the "bind", before I can count to two?

    A: The attempt will be considered a miss. Note that since you can count to two, in no more than one second, it does not require a long pause but does require a pause before you release the yo-yo from the string bind.

  7. Kwijibo:

    Q: Does the yo-yo have to land on the string furthest from the body on the "Double or Nothing" catch?

    A: No. The yo-yo may land on any of the three segments of the "Double or Nothing" and may be popped up to the trapeze catch from its position on any of the three segments. However, you may not pop or hop the yo-yo to another string prior to the pop to the trapeze.

    Q; Do my hands have to be crossed before the yo-yo lands in the "wrist crossed double or nothing" hold?

    A: Yes. Before the yo-yo lands on the string into the "wrist crossed double or nothing" hold, the Throw Hand must be clearly crossed over the Free Hand. (For this to be clear to the judge, the Throw Hand should be at least 3 inches (7.5 cm.) past an imaginary vertical line passing through the wrist of your Free Hand before the yo-yo lands on the string.)

  8. Slack Trapeze (New):

    Q: What if the yo-yo mounts the string on the wrong side of the yo-yo, and it is in a twist after I try to swing the yo-yo back to the Trapeze mount?

    A: Since your are not back in a trapeze hold but in a twist it will not be possible to perform a Ferris wheel dismount and the attempt will be a miss.

    Q. Can I swing the yo-yo back and forth to try to get the yo-yo to mount the slack string?

    A: No, the yo-yo must mount itself on the string as a result of the throw of the string over your freehand arm.

  9. Spirit Bomb:

    Q. I like to use my thumb on the breakaway and then use the freehand index finger as the yo-yo goes into the Wrist-Bucket Mount. Why canÕt I use this technique since thatÕs how most people do the trick?

    A: You canÕt use that version since we want everyone to the same variation of this trick. Using your method you only have to perform one pass under before the first pop instead of two. Therefore, it is not acceptable since it is not consistent with either the trick description or as shown in the official video.

  10. Suicide:

    Q: If the string segments are twisted after the Suicide catch, may I untwist the trapeze loop before attempting the next suicide.

    A: Yes. The freehand index finger may be twisted to remove one or more twists subject to the following conditions. The Suicide must be caught on only the index finger of the freehand and the yo-yo must not be removed from the basic Trapeze hold.

    Q: What if, after I catch the loop on my freehand index finger, the loop also touches other fingers because I jabbed it in a bit too far. Is that OK?

    A: Yes, but you must first clearly put your index finger through the loop. You canÕt catch the loop on any other finger.