2002 World Yo-Yo Contest


General Questions:

Q. What does "no corkscrewing mean" and how is this rule enforced?

A. Corkscrewing occurs during looping maneuvers when the yo-yo string does not line up with an imaginary line through the groove of yo-yo because the yo-yo is tipping over way too much. Since it is not immediately obvious when corkscrewing starts to occur, the judges will probably not call a trick a miss until they observe at least two or three obvious corkscrews.

Q. How tight will the "loss of control" rule be enforced?

A. The rule will be strictly enforced. However, "loss of control" means that the player is having a serious problem keeping one or both yo-yos in the right plane and has to resort to a maneuver, like throwing a yo-yo out to the side to regain control.

  1. Sword and Shield:

    Q. Why can't I start this trick by doing loops first and then start the Around the Worlds?

    A. Because the trick description requires that you start with Around the World and throw a loop through each and every Around the World. The object is to have all contestants doing the same trick elements in the same order.

    Q. How do you count the Around the Worlds?

    A. The count is made as the yo-yo completes each full revolution as it passes by your feet

    Q. After I have completed 6 or more reps can I catch either yo-yo first?

    A. Yes, but if you throw any extra Around the Worlds you must perform at least one loop through the Around the World. Also, once you catch one yo-yo you must immediately catch the other yo-yo.

  2. Windshield Wipers:

    Q. How high do the breakaways have to go to be legal?

    A. All of the breakaways must be at least 45 degrees from the vertical, preferably almost horizontal.

    Q. What if one yo-yo gets a bit ahead of the other, is that OK?

    A. Yes, since the rules allow "slight breaks" in the simultaneous Breakaways the yo-yo don't have to be tracking perfectly in sync.

  3. Two Hand Arm Wraps:

    Q. What if I do ten loops after the first Arm Wrap to get ready for the second Arm Wrap is that OK?

    A. Yes, since 3 or more loops are allowed. However, even though slight corkscrewing is allowed, there can be no significant loss of control during the extra loops.

    Q. Do I have to throw 2 complete Around the Worlds before the Arm Wrap?

    A. Yes, the trick description requires that you perform each Arm Wrap on the second Around the World. Actually, the wrap occurs just as you are completing the second full Around the World. Instead of catching the yo-yo, you let it go under your looping arm and wrap around your forearm.

  4. Spread Eagle Warp Drive:

    Q. May I do a full Loop-the Loop and then start the regenerations into around the World? Also, may I throw loops in between the Around the Worlds?

    A. No to both questions, the trick descriptions says that "Each hand must start with a side Loop regeneration into an Around the World." Therefore, you must start with a Forward Pass with each hand and as the yo-yos return towards your hands immediately regenerate the yo-yos into Around the Worlds. Continue to regenerate five more time into Around the Worlds without looping in between. In summary, you may NOT perform a loop before the first Around the World or in between the five regenerations of Around the Worlds.

    Q. May I throw a loop with either or both hands after the last Around the World before I catch the yo-yos?

    A. No, you must catch each yo-yo after the final Around the World with each hand and you can't throw any loops with either hand before the catch(s).

    Q. How spread out do the Warp Drives have to be? What if the planes of each are only about 90 degrees apart?

    A. That is OK since it is not specified that the planes of each Warp-Drive be a specified number of degrees apart. The important requirement is that the yo-yo trajectories cross "the vertical centerline of the player's back" on all 6 reps.

    Q. If I lose track of the count or canŐt hear the judges count, can I do an extra rep of Spread Eagle Warp Drive?

    A. Yes, even though the instructions for this trick clearly require you to catch the yo-yos after the sixth rep you will not be penalized as long as the extra rep is legal with the yo-yos crossing behind your back. So if the yo-yos don't cross on the extra rep it is a miss even if the first six reps were perfect.

  5. Wrist-Crossed Fountain:

    Q. Can one yo-yo be lower than the other while performing the Punching Bags and Vertical Punches?

    A. Yes, since when your arms are crossed one is lower than the other so the punches with bottom hand naturally go a bit lower. The important requirement is that the trajectories of each yo-yo are doing legal punches

  6. Elbow Wraps:

    Q. When does the count start on the Vertical Punches?

    A. After you have completed the 180-degree half turn, the count will start on the second yo-yo performing a Vertical Punch.

  7. Inside/Outside Vertical Punches:

    Q. How do you start this trick?

    A. You start with a punch perform straight above your head and not with an upward forward pass type throw.

    Q. After I have completed the 12 reps successfully, can I do a couple inside Vertical Punches before catching the yo-yos.

    A: No, last year it was allowed but this year it would be considered a miss.

    Q. Can I catch one yo-yo and do an extra rep with one hand.

    A. No, once you catch one yo-yo, you must catch the other on the same rep.

  8. Behind the Back Cattle Crossing:

    Q. What if on the first rep the yo-yos are very close to crossing but they do not quite cross behind my back.

    A. It will be judged a miss. All reps, starting with the first throw with each yo-yo, must clearly cross behind your back. The judges will be concentrating on where the yo-yos are as they get to the end of the string. If they see a gap between the yo-yos it will be a miss.

    Q. Can I do extra reps before the catches?

    A. Yes, but the yo-yos must cross on the extra rep (or reps) and both yo-yos must be caught behind your back after the same rep.

  9. Double Staircase:

    Q. Do I have to do three or more Milk the Cows before I start turning?

    A. No, one complete rep of Milk the Cow is enough.

    Q. When does the count start on the Vertical Punches after each Staircase?

    A. After you have rotated the full 360 degrees. Be very careful since you may have to do more than 3 reps if any of the Vertical Punches where thrown before you had completed the full turn. Listen for the judge to count to three. Also, when you practice this trick make very sure you are

  10. Combined Inside/Outside Reach for the Moon:

    Q. Can I start this trick with regular inside Reach for the Moons before starting them going inside and outside?

    A. No, that was allowed last year but this year the trick has been made a bit harder by requiring that you start with an Inside Reach for the Moon with each hand and immediately start alternating inside outside.