S-(Sport Division)

The 2001 World Yo-Yo Contest will have a Sport division competition. This is an all ages category consisting of a 25 trick ladder. Designed as a knockout contest, each player will receive one attempt per trick. Players will be allowed one missed trick, that trick will be skipped, but a second missed trick will retire the player with a score of last completed trick.

First place winners will be recognized in the following age groups:

0-6yrs, 7-8yrs, 9-10yrs, 11-12yrs, 13-14yrs, 15-16yrs, 17-25yrs, 26-45, 46-65, 66-106
We will aso be giving awards based on the higest division within the ladder that contestents can achieeve.

*Please Note: This contest does not earn a world title.
One attempt per trick only, one misses forgiven, second miss retires.

S Division

1 . Around the World 1 revolution minimum
2 . Walk the Dog minimum 1 foot forward
3 . Rock the Baby 3 full rocks minimum
4 . UFO pick up with other hand
5 . Tidal Wave touch fingers/pull up/loop dismount
6 . Dizzy Baby 3 rocks/3 pinwheels minimum
7 . Man on Trapeze 1 swing, pop-up dismount. no flipovers
8 . Time Warp 1 forward world/regen./1 retro world
9 . Brain Twister bottom mt./3 saults/loop dismount
10. Double or Nothing rewind dismount
11. Split the Atom split mt./2 undercuts/3 saults/loop dismount
12. Drop in the Bucket pop-out dismount
13. Triple or Nothing rewind to double to single
14. Reach for the Moon 3 complete repetitions
15. Iron Whip 1 lasso catch
16. Adv.Split the Atom 3 pinwheels/split mt./3 barrelrolls/2 undercuts/ 3 saults/loop dismount
17. Boingy Boingy split mt./3 double bounces/loop dismount
18. Zipper 3 repetitions/rev. bot.mt./pull over to front mt./unwind to rev.bot. mt/repeat/loop dismount
19. Gerbil full momentum/trap/sault into lindy/unwind rev.sault/ rev.lindy/unwind/miss 1st/catch 2nd/flyaway dismount
20. Cold Fusion trap/dbl./side atom/prop./flyaway dismount
21. Poppin Fresh mach mt./1 pop hop /1 fresh hop/loop dismount
22. Roller Coaster side world/coaster mt./rev.dbl/fd.dbl/unwind to trapeze/dbl.roll to trip/rewind/loop dismount
23. Eli Hops trap/3pop hops halfway up string minimum/flyaway dismount
24. Kwijibo trap/pop wristcross dbl. /roll wrist/pop to dbl./ pop to trap/flyaway dismount
25. Suicide 1 flying string loop catch tiebreaker... run list again.