Freestyle rules.

Contestants who are finalists or have met the National Winners Requirement will have 3 minutes to perform a freestyle synchronized to their choice of music. For A and AA this will be 10 open contestants plus the number of National Winners.

National winners are the winners of National yo-yo Contests hosted recognized by the World Yo-Yo Contest. These include the AYYA, GYYA, UTYJ, Active People (Switzerland), KYYA, and BYYA. All national winners must compete in the Compulsories as this will become part of your final score, but will Freestyle what ever score they get. In the event the top winner of a country in A or AA can not come, the top placer in the 2001 World Yo-Yo Contest's compulsories from that country will be allowed to use that slot if they achieve a score of 40 out of a possible 50 points to use that slot. If nobody from a country achieves this minimum, the slot will go empty. For more information please read the FAQ.

A and AA Freestyle Rules.

  • Each contestant will have 3 minutes to perform a freestyle synchronized to their choice of music.
  • The timer starts when the music starts.
  • No points will be scored for tricks done before the music starts, or after the 3 minute mark.
  • All music must be considered G rated (appropriate for all audiences). Performers with inappropriate music (obscenities, etc.) will be disqualified. If you are unsure about your music, a judge will be available to listen to your music and make sure it is appropriate.
  • Music must be provided on a queued on a Cassette, CD, or Mini-disk.
  • All music must be clearly labeled for track to be used and contestants name.
  • All actions of a performer must take into account the safety of the audience, facility, and the player himself. Judges have the ability at any time to disqualify a performer for dangerous behavior.

A and AA Freestyle Judging Rules

  • A and AA Freestyle scores will be calculated in three components, Technical Execution, Performance Style and Compulsory Points.
  • Technical Execution (T.E.):
    • A "net score" for T.E. shall be granted each contestant based on the algebraic sum of the plus and minus scores as determined below.
    • + Positive points may be awarded for: Advanced level tricks performed successfully, string hits, pops, wraps, transitions, regenerationšs, release catches (like suicides), whip catches (like Iron Whip) and other yo-yo maneuvers. Addition points may be awarded for difficulty, originality, long sequences on same spin, extreme amplitude of a maneuver and similar yo-yo moves.
    • - Negative points may be deducted for: Obvious trick misses, loss of control and restarts. Note that substitution of a yo-yo for another will count as a deduction if the yo-yo string had become jammed or knotted or if the yo-yo would have had to be restarted.
    • Also note that "In addition, no points shall be awarded by the judges for 'Performance Style' for any tricks or antics done before the start of the 3 minute freestyle or after the three minutes has elapsed."
    • Net Score for Technical Execution is the algebraic sum of the + points and the - points
    • Technical Execution will count for 75% of the contestants total score.
  • Performance style:
    • A maximum of 25 points may be granted by each judge for performance style elements of a freestyle routine. A performance equal to the winners of the 2000 Nationals or Worlds would probably score no more than 18 or 20 points.
    • While performing an advanced level trick element, performance style points may be granted for elements such as but not limited to:
      1) stage presence,
      2) choreography,
      3) amplitude,
      4) elegance of control and line,
      5) maturity of yo-yo maneuvers,
      6) originality,
      7) movement (and use of "yo-yo space" up, down, back and forth).
      or 20 points.
    • Crowd reaction to entertaining antics or other "elements of style" which are not occurring while performing an advanced level trick shall not add to the performance style points. As a guide the following scores ranges for performance style should be used by each judge.
    • Little or no style while yo-yoing 1-2 points Some hint of style and maturity 3-4 points A fair overall routine 5-7 points A good overall routine 8-10 points A very good overall routine 11-13 points A World or National level performance 14-22 points, A show stopper 23-25 points
    • Performance style will count for 15% of the contestants total score.
  • Compulsory Points

    • Compulsory points are the total points a contestant has earned in the compulsories.
    • Compulsory points will count for 10% of the contestants total score.
  • Final Score:

    • Points for Performance Style, and Technical Execution shall be independently normalized and added together with the compulsory points to produce the contestants score.
    • In the case of a tie, ties will be broken based on 1. The Compulsory Score, 2. The Technical Execution score, 3. The Performance style points. In the extremely unlikely event that there is still a tie, the judges have the ability to devise an appropriate tie breaker, or can declare a tie.